Tourist In Your Own Town

Dear Diary;
Last week the new "Canada Line" opened up which is our skytrain system that runs now from YVR to Downtown. Big news here in Vancouver, we were [dad and I] planning on going on it last week when it was free but that turned into a ..... well lets just say paying for it when its running normally and without all the media photo ops is a way better way to go.

Took an extended lunch break to downtown, went by the new Vancouver Convention Centre which is massive and really nice to look at [Had a wine tasting on the 3rd Floor that faces the mountains with glass windows really nice].

Headed on over to Miku Restaurant for some Lunch time sushi and a bottle of wine, found a Chenin by Chateau du Varennes Savennieres 2005, it was really a perfect sushi wine, not overly complex but had a touch of minerality and lemon zestyness and great acidity. A wine that goes perfect with raw fish, seasoned with a little soy and wasabi. The food was really good, Abrui style sushi which from my understanding the fish on the top was lightly torched with a charcoal "brick" and it added a nice smokiness but also on the fatty fish it just warmed up this good fatty oil. The Dessert was fantastic too made in house two pastry chefs from what the menu said not to shabby.

All in All a Fantastic Lunch heck even dinner be good [prices are not crazy compared to other top end sushi places], in a nice business area of down so the night crowd might be a bit more .........You know business men and high class hookers? haha its in that area.

Then we head back down the new Line and out to the Airport, Airport really quiet for a Summer, must be the recession I know the restaurants in general are down 25% Im guessing

No Internet! Boo . Random Post

So Telus my local internet provider decided to cut my internet, because they assumed I was moving out. Yeah good Job, high five.

Anyways making some Blackberry Schnapps, Freshly Picked Blackberries, California Zinfandel, and South African Brandy. Mix and Sit for 6 weeks. BOOM should be good like my Bird Eye Chili Vodka hahahahahah. Its really good trust me.

And here is a photo of my dads dog, playing with his "ball" a pear that fell off a tree, thinking its a ball, apprently at home he has a "pet rock" which he plays with, crazy dogs.