2006 CdP Domaine La Barroche

Chateauneuf-du-Pape or as most of like to call it CdP, which btw is much easier to spell!  Two reason I have CdP in my cellar, one is because of all the hype of the 2007 vintage. Tho I do not have any 2007 CdP in my cellar but it did make me aware of the region even more so.  The other is/was "The Chateauneuf-du-Pape Wine Book" by Harry Karis which I saw on WLTV.  Part 1 & Part 2.  So I had to buy the book, and well it was dirt 'cheap' on and! I had to get some stuff shipped anyways from so it was a win/win. You know the regular stuff you buy off and not two Asbestos books for my dads company, and "The Science of Wine From Vine to Glass by Jamie Goode"

So, CdP, I am starting to see why Robert Park loves these wines, they are dark, dense, brooding type of wines, but...they are not 'oaked' most of the times anyways...During the month of February Marquis Wine Cellar here in BC was doing a Rhone Friday tasting tasted a couple of CdPs [and Rhones mmm Northern Rhone Syrah!].  For me I find that on occasion I can like these wines but they are big and brooding and  I generally do not like to drink Prunes which is what I get from Big Extracted wines.

So before I could drink the wine [Domaine La Barroche 2006] I had to do a little read up in the new book by Harry Karis, which has I think every producer in his book, and lists a lot of info. Like that they have 30acres planted for red and 1.25 for white. The Signature Which I am drinking is there "entry" level wine. 2006 which by the way is when Julien became 100% responsible of the vineyard and the wine making!

Blogging Format Tasting Notes

The Stats:
Domaine la Barroche
"Signature" their Entry Level
Blend - of 81% Grenache, 11% Syrah, 8% Cinsault
Age of Vines - 18-100+ years of age
Chateauneuf-du-Pape [lieux-dits]
Destemming - Partly
Filtration - Nope!
Aging - 18months in foudres and steel tank
Approx Production 20,000 Bottles

The Eye:
Med++ Ruby

The Nose:
Day 1
Prunes, Red Plum, Spice a sweet spice, not like anise or licourise
Day 2
A Herbaceous, Sappy, Dark Chocolate, Citrus Peel [Maybe a grapefruit?]

The Mouth:
Med Tannins, Med Acid, Med + Finish
Day 1
Good Mouth Feel/Texture, earthy, PLum, Dark chocolate/cherry mix
Day 2
Juicy Dark Fruit, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry, Sappy, Tar, Fresh Leather

Overall/Reflection: I can see where people would like this wine, I did find it good but yet at the same time a little to "big" for me.  I can see a lot of people enjoying this for sure tho
Score: 89

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

WSET Week 9 Fortified + Hard Liquor

So this Week, was Fortified, A Sherry and a Port, and 4 hard Liquors. Cognac, Blended Scotch, Vodka, Gin

My sherry tastes are odd to say the least, when I first taste sherry it always puts me off, but the longer I sniff and have a couple more sips then I start to enjoy it, its maybe the over powering "Umami" yeasty notes that just put me off initially because they are so intense. As for Port I am starting to like Port, especially since My dad has been buying my grandma some good stuff, but this one just didn't do it for me, if anything this would put me off port If i had not had the others

As for the Hard Booze, entry level stuff, interesting but I drink way better scotch then what they poured, Yeah im a Snob so what! lol

WSET WEEK 9 FORTIFIED + HARD LIQUOR - Downtown Vancouver [AI School] (3/15/2010)
  • N.V. Gonzalez-Byass Jerez-Xérès-Sherry Nutty Solera Oloroso - Spain, Andalucía, Jerez-Xérès-Sherry
    I dont know how to score a wine like this since I have no real experience in Sherry.

    C: Med+ Amber
    A: Med+ Intensity
    Orange Peel, Molasses, Nutty, Salty Dried Fish[Anchovies]
    Opening Up a bit

    T: Med Sweet, Med Body, Long Finish
    Soy Sauce, Hoisin, Seasme Oil, Citrus Acid

    Conclusion: I did enjoy this, the hoisin flavour kinda of put me off but after about an hr or so it opened up beautifully with those Umami notes! (89 pts.)
  • 2004 Dow Porto Late Bottled Vintage - Portugal, Douro, Porto
    A: Med intensity
    Powdery Grape Candy [Kids Flintstones Vitamins], Citrus Peel [Seven Up] Candied Peel, Rubber

    T: Powdery Grape Candy, Concentrated, Prune, Crystallized Lemon+Lime+Grapy Candy

    Conclusion: not the best example of a late bottle vintage [Ie quinto de crasto 2003 fantastic] IMO I have had better this seemed not together (83 pts.)
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Also Add
Courvoisier V.S. Cognac
Cognac not my favourite drink, finishes with some oak, hot and you know entry level stuff, I still like the South African Brandy my grandpa use to always buy

Chivas Regal 12yr Old Blended Scotch
This is why I do not buy Blended Scotch [Maybe Blended MALT Scotch] but the Grain Alcohol bsae that is added is so APPARENT its like drinking a bourbon minus the new American oak, so Grainy which is what Scotch doesn't taste like. PEAT PEAT PEAT unsmoked, smoked whatever just give me peat. Dont get me wrong it was good but would never pay the price

Stoilchnaya Vodka
Yup why I do not drink vodka taste like nail polish plain and simple

Tanqueray London Dry Gin
Gin, where is my tonic and lime enough said really lol

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

A Quick Movie Review - Blood Into Wine

Well I have never done a movie review before, I must say A movie should entertain you, a documentary should keep you engaged.  Blood Into Wine is a Documentary, with some, I would say Fictious Scenes.

Firstly the movie Blood Into Wine, is about  Maynard James Keenan Winery in Arizona which he has three labels of, Caduceus, Merkin, and AZ Stronghold.  Its flow is from planting, to bottling. Its definitely entertaining, and funny.  My Favourite scene was when they were talking to the wine maker Eric Glomski and talking about Heirloom Apples and Quinces a long the river bank that was pretty cool and not even about wine haha.

There was through out the movie a scene with two guys, whom I have no idea who they are, but I assume if you have watched there show [maybe internet show] you would get there style which can be funny but at the same time a little annoying so that did not totally work out.  Maynard makes good use of also promoting his music, which he should, one he doesn't have to pay royalities when making a movie which is a plus, my only problem with this is he didnt play the only song I like/love from Tool which is Schism!

That being said a movie, if you like wine you should watch just because its engaging and even for people new to wine, they still explain certain aspect of wine making and wine in general.  Overall Thumbs up from me!

WSET Week 8 Sparkling & Sweet Dessert

This Week in WSET Class was Sparkling and Sweet Desserts, You can never really go wrong with these two, I mean one starts a party, and the other ends it on a good note.  Tho I was told if you really want to start a party, you drink Champage at the end of a meal, gets ya going for the rest of the evening.

I must say I have never smelled so much Botrytis in a wine before very very interesting. Also Champagne I am starting to pick up way to much Dried Porcini where it is becoming to much and just distracting.

WSET WEEK 8 SPARKLING & SWEET DESSERT - Downtown Vancouver [AI School] (3/8/2010)
  • N.V. Codorníu Cava Clássico Brut - Spain, Catalunya, Cava
    C: Pale Lemon [Tinge Green] Smallish Bubbles, Persistant (-)

    A: Clean, Light Intensity
    Vanilla Frosting, Lemon, Almost a Floralness

    T: Dry, High Acid, Med Body, Med Length
    Bready, Green Apple Skins

    Conclusion: Coats the Palate with a Milky Like Film, A Simply Quaffer, Going back to this after the Champage it did taste like Seven-up sooo (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Georges Gardet Champagne Brut Cuvée Saint Flavy - France, Champagne
    C: Med Lemon, Small and Persistent (+) Bubbles

    A: Clean, Intense
    Yeasty Bread, Cream Cheese, Walnuts, Baked Apple Pie with a Dark Toasty Crust, earth/dried porcini which picked up more intensity as it opened almost becoming too much

    T: Dry, High Acid, med Body, Med Length
    Lemony, a Red Apple coming through

    Conclusion: Good Yeasty Notes, teacher recommended it pairs awesome with Original Pringles (89 pts.)
  • N.V. Santa Margherita Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut - Italy, Veneto, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
    A: Light Lemon [Tinge Green]

    A: Clean, Light Intensity
    Very, Very Light almost picking up nothing

    T: Dry, Med+ Acid, Light Body
    Ripe Red apples, Red Sauce

    Conclusion: very simple one dimensional prosecco soft foamy bubbles (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante - Italy, Piedmont, Asti, Asti Spumante
    C: Light Light Lemon

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Pure Muscat Fruit, Floral/Peaches/7-up [true to varietal]

    T: Med Sweet, Med(-) Body, Med Finish
    Creamed Peaches

    Conclusion: A Guilty Pleasure, Soft Mousse, Wish there was more acid personally (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Pellegrino Passito di Pantelleria - Italy, Sicily, Passito di Pantelleria
    A: Med Gold to Amber

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Orange [Zest/Marmalade, but made with Mandrain organes not regular sunkist] Chemically [As one Class mate said New Carpet Smell teacher suggested Volatitly Acid] Peachy, Caramalized...Opened up later with A "Chinese Food Vibe" Lemongrass, MSG, Sesame Oil

    T: Sweet, Low Acid, Med(-) Body
    A Fruit Cake made with Concentrated Golden Raisons

    Conclusion: I Wish it tasted like it smelled so interesting, The Low Acid Hurt this wine I think, but intersting to say the least (87 pts.)
  • 2006 Château Partarrieu - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes
    C: Med Gold

    A: Clean, Intense
    Botrytis Just Singing through, Oily [like from a Semillon], Almond, Richness, Nutty, Papaya

    T: Sweet, Med+ Acid, Med Body
    Grape, Peachy

    Conclusion: Tasted thin I do not understand why but mmm still a good wine tho (88 pts.)
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A Tinto Velasco Wine [Blened With Syrah]

...the other [group] is the Tinto Velasco variety, in which the predominant anthocyanin is 3-G-delphinidin, the initial anthocyanin in this route. Also, 3-Gcyanidin predominates over 3-G-peonidin in the Tinto Velasco variety due to weak FMT enzyme activity

The last group, which is quite different from the other samples, consists solely of the Tinto Velasco variety. This is characterized by a much higher proportion of 3’5’-hydroxylated than 3’-hydroxylated anthocyanins, which sets it apart from the Rojal, Gordera Roja and Teta de Vaca Tinta varieties. But it also differs from the other varieties in that, instead of 3’5’-hydroxylated anthocyanins predominating, 3-G-delphinidin and its derivatives predominate over all other 3’5’-hydroxylated anthocyanins because FMT enzyme activity is weaker.
Read Full Study [6pages]
Now that I have your attention, firstly let me say I don't fully understand all that technical stuff but its to make a point about this wine.  Especially the first image, the graph, I mean when I saw that [after Google'ing the Tinto Velasco Grape] it made sense as to why the wine tasted the way it did I mean look it is way outside of the range of the "Normal" Grapes, especially comparing to Tempranillo.

The Wine I had was a blend of Tino Velasco and Syrah, the aroma and flavours I was picking up from this wine was so interesting that well it made me think.  A wine so different then what we normally drink, yeah a Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are different, but this is just way out there in Left Field, or as the chart shows top middle, in no mans land.

As you can see below from the note below I was definitely picking up Syrah notes, a more Rhone like style, and then the other flavour that just bam hit ya, you don't usually associate watermelon with a red wine maybe a rose.

Blogging Format Tasting Notes
  • 2007 Bodegas El Linze Vino de la Tierra de Castilla El Linze - Spain, Castilla-La Mancha, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla (3/6/2010)
    Colour: Dark Purple

    Day 1
    Aroma: Big intensity, the most interesting nose I have had in a while, a unique fruit, Almost Cherry/Watermelon Rind. Like A Lip Gloss you would fine at A Sephora store in Vancouver, little meatyness too

    Taste: Earth, Candied Fruit, Watermelon Rind, Cherry, Little Oak Use
    Med Acid, Med minus body, lots of tannins grippy

    Aroma: Charcoal, Perfume [Almost Quince Like]
    Taste: Meaty, Charcoal, Red Fruit Cherry/Cranberry something Flowery (90 pts.)
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THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

WSET Week 7, Italy, Spain, Portugal

The only problem with doing 6 wines a week, somewhere someone gets left out or well not shown as well.  Italy well represented with  4 Wines, and Spain and Portugal get to show us what they have with one single wine.  The Italian wines were all good, the spain not so much, and Portugal was good but wish there was atleast one more white from Spain or Portugal

WSET WEEK 7 ITALY, SPAIN, PORTUGAL - Downtown Vancouver [AI School] (3/1/2010)

Week 7 of WSET Italy, Spain and Portugal no Whites from Portugal or Spain so that kinda of sucks ah well


A good cross section of Italy not to shabby, and I got to drink Nebbiolo so really can't go wrong

  • 2008 Cantine Torresella - Italy, Veneto
    C: Clear, Pale Lemon

    A: Clean, Light to Medium Intensity
    Fruit - Ripeness, Apple, Citrus, Delicate

    T: Dry, Med + Acid, Med minus body, med finish
    Rich Mouthfeel, Apple/Pear, Good Texture

    Conclusion: Good, Simple, Nice Texture, Roundness what you would expect from a Pinot Grigio (86 pts.)
  • 2004 Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Riserva Ovello - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barbaresco
    C: Clear, Med Garnet

    A: Clean, Med Plus
    Milk Chocolate, Bread/Porcini, Sour Cherry/Raspberry, A Twizzler Licourice Action going on, opening up to a BEAUTIFUL Fig/Anise Bread from Terra Breads OMG SO GOOD

    T: Dry, Med+ Acid, High Tannin, Body Med+
    Sweet Tannins, Ripe Cherry concetrated mmmm

    Conclusion Long Finish, I like a lot (90 pts.)
  • 2007 Barone Ricasoli Chianti Classico Brolio - Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico
    C: Clear, Dark Ruby little Purple

    A: Clean, Pronounced
    Tar, Light Fruit, Cola, Mineral [Grill Brick]

    T: Dry, High Acid, High Tannin, Med Body
    Sweet Vanilla Cherry, Cola, Grape Candy, Polished

    Conclusion well Polished wine a lot of upright fruit not my style but can see a lot of people liking this, apparently there is 15% Syrah in here (88 pts.)
  • 2006 Tormaresca Primitivo Torcicoda Salento IGT - Italy, Puglia, Salento IGT
    C: Clear, Dark Ruby

    A: Clean, Pronounced
    Freshness, Ocean/Mineral, Plum, A Interesting nose to say the least

    T: Dry, Med Acid, Med Tannin, Med + Length, Full body
    Good Dark Fruit, Rich, Licorice

    Conclusion can see this having a good appeal to the masses very delicious (88 pts.)


Typical Spanish A Rioja

  • 2005 Bodegas Montecillo Rioja Reserva - Spain, La Rioja, Rioja
    C:Clear, Med Fuschia[Ruby]

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Wood, Light Fruit, Acetone Qualities

    T: Dry, Med+ Acid, Soft Tannins, Med Body
    Red Fruit, Ripe, Not alot going on one dimensional

    Conclusion I say boring it did open up a bit but still not enough for me to enjoy (84 pts.)


Portugal under rated? the wine was inexpensive and held its ground

  • 2007 Sociedade dos Vinhos Borges Dão Meia Encosta - Portugal, Beiras, Dão
    C: Clear, Ruby Medium

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Animal, Mineral, A Tar quality, Dark Fruit Black

    T: Dry, Med Acid, Soft Tannins, med Body, med minus finish
    Lush, Dark Fruit, Soft tannin, Black Tea

    Conclusion awesome QPR would recommend and would buy myself, tho it did not hold the next day (86 pts.)

I love Nebbiolo nuff said?

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