WSET Week 8 Sparkling & Sweet Dessert

This Week in WSET Class was Sparkling and Sweet Desserts, You can never really go wrong with these two, I mean one starts a party, and the other ends it on a good note.  Tho I was told if you really want to start a party, you drink Champage at the end of a meal, gets ya going for the rest of the evening.

I must say I have never smelled so much Botrytis in a wine before very very interesting. Also Champagne I am starting to pick up way to much Dried Porcini where it is becoming to much and just distracting.

WSET WEEK 8 SPARKLING & SWEET DESSERT - Downtown Vancouver [AI School] (3/8/2010)
  • N.V. Codorníu Cava Clássico Brut - Spain, Catalunya, Cava
    C: Pale Lemon [Tinge Green] Smallish Bubbles, Persistant (-)

    A: Clean, Light Intensity
    Vanilla Frosting, Lemon, Almost a Floralness

    T: Dry, High Acid, Med Body, Med Length
    Bready, Green Apple Skins

    Conclusion: Coats the Palate with a Milky Like Film, A Simply Quaffer, Going back to this after the Champage it did taste like Seven-up sooo (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Georges Gardet Champagne Brut Cuvée Saint Flavy - France, Champagne
    C: Med Lemon, Small and Persistent (+) Bubbles

    A: Clean, Intense
    Yeasty Bread, Cream Cheese, Walnuts, Baked Apple Pie with a Dark Toasty Crust, earth/dried porcini which picked up more intensity as it opened almost becoming too much

    T: Dry, High Acid, med Body, Med Length
    Lemony, a Red Apple coming through

    Conclusion: Good Yeasty Notes, teacher recommended it pairs awesome with Original Pringles (89 pts.)
  • N.V. Santa Margherita Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut - Italy, Veneto, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
    A: Light Lemon [Tinge Green]

    A: Clean, Light Intensity
    Very, Very Light almost picking up nothing

    T: Dry, Med+ Acid, Light Body
    Ripe Red apples, Red Sauce

    Conclusion: very simple one dimensional prosecco soft foamy bubbles (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante - Italy, Piedmont, Asti, Asti Spumante
    C: Light Light Lemon

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Pure Muscat Fruit, Floral/Peaches/7-up [true to varietal]

    T: Med Sweet, Med(-) Body, Med Finish
    Creamed Peaches

    Conclusion: A Guilty Pleasure, Soft Mousse, Wish there was more acid personally (85 pts.)
  • N.V. Pellegrino Passito di Pantelleria - Italy, Sicily, Passito di Pantelleria
    A: Med Gold to Amber

    A: Clean, Med Intensity
    Orange [Zest/Marmalade, but made with Mandrain organes not regular sunkist] Chemically [As one Class mate said New Carpet Smell teacher suggested Volatitly Acid] Peachy, Caramalized...Opened up later with A "Chinese Food Vibe" Lemongrass, MSG, Sesame Oil

    T: Sweet, Low Acid, Med(-) Body
    A Fruit Cake made with Concentrated Golden Raisons

    Conclusion: I Wish it tasted like it smelled so interesting, The Low Acid Hurt this wine I think, but intersting to say the least (87 pts.)
  • 2006 Château Partarrieu - France, Bordeaux, Sauternais, Sauternes
    C: Med Gold

    A: Clean, Intense
    Botrytis Just Singing through, Oily [like from a Semillon], Almond, Richness, Nutty, Papaya

    T: Sweet, Med+ Acid, Med Body
    Grape, Peachy

    Conclusion: Tasted thin I do not understand why but mmm still a good wine tho (88 pts.)
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  1. Great're right, one starts a party and the other ends it :)
    I've always loved a good bubbly!

  2. thanks! just need to buckle down and force myself to write more.

  3. I know it's hard if you also have a full time job, but I enjoy reading your posts!