A Tinto Velasco Wine [Blened With Syrah]

...the other [group] is the Tinto Velasco variety, in which the predominant anthocyanin is 3-G-delphinidin, the initial anthocyanin in this route. Also, 3-Gcyanidin predominates over 3-G-peonidin in the Tinto Velasco variety due to weak FMT enzyme activity

The last group, which is quite different from the other samples, consists solely of the Tinto Velasco variety. This is characterized by a much higher proportion of 3’5’-hydroxylated than 3’-hydroxylated anthocyanins, which sets it apart from the Rojal, Gordera Roja and Teta de Vaca Tinta varieties. But it also differs from the other varieties in that, instead of 3’5’-hydroxylated anthocyanins predominating, 3-G-delphinidin and its derivatives predominate over all other 3’5’-hydroxylated anthocyanins because FMT enzyme activity is weaker.
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Now that I have your attention, firstly let me say I don't fully understand all that technical stuff but its to make a point about this wine.  Especially the first image, the graph, I mean when I saw that [after Google'ing the Tinto Velasco Grape] it made sense as to why the wine tasted the way it did I mean look it is way outside of the range of the "Normal" Grapes, especially comparing to Tempranillo.

The Wine I had was a blend of Tino Velasco and Syrah, the aroma and flavours I was picking up from this wine was so interesting that well it made me think.  A wine so different then what we normally drink, yeah a Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are different, but this is just way out there in Left Field, or as the chart shows top middle, in no mans land.

As you can see below from the note below I was definitely picking up Syrah notes, a more Rhone like style, and then the other flavour that just bam hit ya, you don't usually associate watermelon with a red wine maybe a rose.

Blogging Format Tasting Notes
  • 2007 Bodegas El Linze Vino de la Tierra de Castilla El Linze - Spain, Castilla-La Mancha, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla (3/6/2010)
    Colour: Dark Purple

    Day 1
    Aroma: Big intensity, the most interesting nose I have had in a while, a unique fruit, Almost Cherry/Watermelon Rind. Like A Lip Gloss you would fine at A Sephora store in Vancouver, little meatyness too

    Taste: Earth, Candied Fruit, Watermelon Rind, Cherry, Little Oak Use
    Med Acid, Med minus body, lots of tannins grippy

    Aroma: Charcoal, Perfume [Almost Quince Like]
    Taste: Meaty, Charcoal, Red Fruit Cherry/Cranberry something Flowery (90 pts.)
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