Kid in a Candy Store

For me there are a couple of place where I can feel like a 'Kid in a Candy Story' one being Ming Wo Cookware shop looking for Chef Cooking Goods, Another is the Mikuni Truck mmmm, then there are the related a Really Good Wine Shop and Being at the and a palate of rare/old wines just sitting there, 1970s Ausleses', 1980 Cali Chards, in hidden inside Cases of Old Burgundies and Bordeaux 50s 60s etc.

I store my wine at the WineVault and don't often head down into the basement, but I was there for a wine tasting event, and there just happened to be some old wines I had to get my camera, this is jsut what was on top of the 40 or so cases that has been donated to the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival Gala Auction.


'The Internet Wine Revolution'

A must watch video on Business and Wine, Couldn't embed it here is the link

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

It was a nice day, sun was out camera had charged batteries. Decided to take some pictures of the local olympic venues before security became crazy and I was thrown in jail for taking "Terrorist" Pictures.

The Athlese Village, Opening/Closing Cermonies and Gold Medal Hockey game is all downtown.

Basically if you are not familiar with Vancouver, all of downtown is "closed" off, people working downtown can't park there, must take transit or find another way.

Whistler has most of the Skiing event, Richmond has the long track, a beautiful looking building using Pine Beetle Damaged Lumber.

But all that really matters for Canadians is GM Place where the gold medal ice hockey game will be held~

Mikuni Wild Harvest

So Went down to the Local Warehouse to grab the Good stuff
Blis Maple Syrup Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Blis Sherry Vinegar Aged in those Maple/Bourbon Barrels

some Sunchokes, Rissotto, Watercress. Also given a sample of those purple potatoes but the inside was Golden like a Yukon and with a red streak pretty damn good too

Oh and had to open a bottle of wine a good Bierzo
  • 2006 Dominio de Tares Bierzo Baltos - Spain, Castilla y León, Bierzo (11/27/2009)
    Let the Funk Blow off this bottle FYI

    A: A Slightly Muted nose but dark fruit coming through, with some nice spice/earthy notes

    T: Nice Sweet Tannins for sure Spanish sunshine, great acidity, and tannins [even on day 2] Some Dried Blueberries coming through even a slight fig note

    Conclusion: Solid wine, and even a great price, I'd probably buy it again and I think this has a wide ranch in crowd pleasing (89 pts.)

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Looked at White Truffles

Dec 1/2009 Dinner

Little Slide show of the Dinner, used the guests plates made it easier for me then lugging plates

Started them off with an Amuse of Rissotto, made with Sablefish Stock very light fish flavour as they need to get ready for the seafood coming up

Blue Mountain Vineyards
N/v Sparkling Brut, méthode traditionnelle, Okanagan Falls

Qualicum Bay Scallops, Sunchoke Puree, Pickled Golden Beets, Garlic Gastrique

Sable & Lamb
Blis Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup Glazed Sable, Pulled ‘Chorizo’ Lamb, Braised Puy Lentils, Wilted Watercress

Foie Gras Two-Way
Sous-Vide/Torched and Mousse Foie Gras, Almond Cookie, Tangy Quince Puree infused with Sauternes

Also Added a picture of the lamb before I confited it, very unpretty


Updated the Blog, I like this might be some more updates later we shall see

Also, Doing a dinner on tuesday Will post menu tomorrow and stuff. Menu is almost set but you know I'll change minor details when I feel like it. Its nice to have the freedom for dinners where I can just say what the Protein is "Scallops", "Sable + Lamb", "Foie Gras"

[Un]expected,ly Good

So had the day off to do some running around shopping, you know running to Mikuni Wild Harvest to buy you know regular stuff BLIS Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup, Blis Sherry Vinegar. Buying Qualicum Bay Scallops, Sable Fish etc etc.

Anyways the major reason was to drop off some wine at the downtown wine storage facility.
[3 cases of Loire and a Burgundy] was told they were doing some Brunello Tasting. So I made sure I was down there when they were being poured a free tasting is a free tasting.  Just so you know I am not the biggest fan of Sangiovese grape. Just something about it. Started the tasting and noticed they had some Barolo's going on too! Now that I do like and I think by far my favourite of the day.

Started off with an Italian White it was Fantastic no notes or name, Just rememberd it being honeyed and Muscat like very very good.

2004 BRUNELLO, 2005 BAROLO - Downtown Vancouver (11/26/2009)
Tasting of 2004 Brunellos and 2005 Barolo's by Luigi Einaudi
  • 2005 Fattoria di Fèlsina Berardenga Fontalloro Toscana IGT - Italy, Tuscany, Toscana IGT
    A: Had something big about it but yet it was muted.

    T: Nice red fruit, very good (90 pts.)
  • 2004 E. Fuligni (Cottimelli) Brunello di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino
    A: Typical Sangvioses Nose, Spice and Darkish Fruit plums/prunes

    T: Rose, Perfume, Floral, Sour Cherry but a Sweet Sour Cherry VERY SOLID

    Conclusion, the nose kinda of turned me off as I am not a Sang fan, but the taste just fantastic (91 pts.)
  • 2004 Fattoria di Sant'Angelo (Lisini) Brunello di Montalcino - Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino, Brunello di Montalcino
    A: A Burgundian Nose i was feeling, warm ripe sour cherry, something very Burgundian, this is the nose is where I can see people falling in love with Brunello

    T: Tannins, Mild [Double Decanted] Acid Medium, Good solid fruit, more to this wine then the notes very solid (92 pts.)
  • 2005 Poderi Luigi Einaudi Barolo Terlo - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo
    This was Double Decanted, then in bottle for 3hrs

    A: Licorice Strawberry, Twisters, Beautiful

    T: Really good ripe fruit, acid was a medium, tannins nice

    Conclusion: My type of wine, maybe too new world, but also I don't know how long this will "age" in the acid department maybe the tannins will keep it together but its drnking so good right now (92 pts.)
  • 2005 Poderi Luigi Einaudi Barolo Nei Cannubi - Italy, Piedmont, Langhe, Barolo
    This was Double Decanted, then in bottle for 3hrs

    A: Twisters Awesomeness, like Gary V says Gourmet/High Class Twisters, I mean just beautiful

    T: My notes were blank because it was so good, Acid was amazing. It was acidic yet it wasn't like "oh hey its acid" more like hey why is this acid so "Sweet"

    Conclusion my type of Barolo (94 pts.)
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At the end of the day I think I love Barolo, tho these were top end ones so Its almost like you could not like them.  I am excited about my 98 in the cellar I am going to open up soon, just waiting on my venison

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Rhubarb Schnapps Pictures

Rhubarb Schnapps

As Mentioned, it is completed.  Fantastic and Delicious.  Yes I did drink some for research purposes.

Enjoy...well I will anyways!

Hakkasan Restaurant Located in the Industrial Area of Richmond, Richmond being the home to a lot of Asian Restaurant. A lot of Chefs came from Hong Kong I guess in the 80/90s

It is Hakka Cuisine, so that in itself makes it stand out from other such standbys as dim-sum.  From my understanding Hakka being A Nomadic Tribe, traveled around took recipe from the area moved on etc etc so they have a range of food styles. They have some Szechuan Style, which I enjoy they are great for those cold days.  As you can tell from the Images they are warm foods, Beef Curry Brisket, Eggplant and Chicken Chili/Garlic, and Fried Green Beans yummy.  There traditional dish is the Salt Baked Chicken.

A Must eat at place, and fantastic deal for lunch, but Usually order off the dinner menu for myself.


Well this Cheese Review (?) us brought on by ... Wine[3 bottles plus Woodbridge Reserve Sweet Mash Bourbon between 2 peoples] and some cool cheese, they are all Canadian too!

Gorts Extra-Aged (2yr) Gouda, Salmon Arm, BC
This Cheese is something else the age just makes it evolve in your mouth one bite and just let it taste, and to think I have never heard of this BC Cheese.  Not for the Faint of Heart[93pts~]

Le 1608 Lairterie Charlevoix Baie St-Paul, Quebec [Raw Cow's Milk]
This is the house cheese at Mount Pleasant Cheese, fantastic creamy yet Flavourful.  Really Good [91pts]

Grey Owl Ash-Ripened Fromaserie Le Detour, Bas-st-Laurent, Quebec [Pasteurized Goat Milk, Rennet Free]
This Cheese makes me want to make a Cheese Cake with it, Creamy yet Acidity like a good goat cheese, definitly a young cheese but tasty as a ....[90pts]

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Trust your BCLD Consultants

So for those of you not living in BC.  We are basically run by the British Columbia Liquor Board.  They have a Master of Wine buying French Wines [If im Corret]. They have signature stores, which have Product Consultants.  Basically they are knowledgeable staff who drink wine and like wine.  They are using the ones are the trade tasting finding new product for there Signature stores.  They are there and are passionate.

SO I was looking for a Hunter Valley Semillon. Well that didn't go well at all. They had a Barossa Semillon, and lots of Semillon / Sauvignon Blancs. All Good but not what I wanted. So I asked what he recommended for a Semillon / Sauv Blanc from France (Bordeaux) showed a couple and landed on a 2007 Chateau Janon from Entre-Deux-Mers.  Like he said Inexpensive wine, from a unknown wine isn't going to be pricing and talking about how the MW was just at Vinexpo.  Must of been one of her choices, that and it has a Medaille D'Argent from Paris.  All Good! So far.

The Stats:
Chateau Janon [Blanc]
Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc

11.5% Alc
$15.99 [Canadian/British Columbia so its like Cheap]

The Eye:
Pale Straw.

The Nose:
What jumps out first is the Nuttiness from the Semillon. Some 'freshness', and a little Rubber going on. I really like it

The Mouth:
Acid Acid Acid. Red Delicious Apples, but super Tart if that makes any sense.  Grassiness coming through.  Lemony Acidity.  Very Refreshing Also my type of wine, finish with a touch of bitterness. Medium (-) Body.

Overall/Reflection: So this wine I really do enjoy, maybe the score does not indicate that, its a great QPR. Its light and refreshing my type of wine you can drink this whenever with some nice fish or maybe a salad with a good acidity vinaigrette, toasted nuts, chicken or maybe fish.  Its not super complex which is where I would give higher scores.
Score: 85

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Napa Tasting!

Went to a Napa Tasting Downtown, Very impressed, wish they had bread with the cheese pfft who doesn't serve bread with a cheese platter. Vinsanity...I know your reading and I know you work in Napa any of these wineries?

I must say after this event my Tongue was shot.... way to much Tannins but I did go to a tasting the next day [notes to come later]

TASTE NAPA VALLEY [VANCOUVER, CANADA] - Fairmont Hotel, Waterfront (10/29/2009)

Trade Tasting, Lots of Chardonnay were Over Oaked, but like one wine maker said thats what the American Palate likes and it sells. Not to me tho. Cabernet Sauvignon I found a lot better this year then last [maybe my palate] Felt like less Oak.

White Wines

Red Wines

Overall Impressed, tho the Price means I can not afford any of the wines really

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THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Globe in your Glass Tasting 2009

Well lets see how this post works trying something new from Cellartracker...well new just to blog posting. Went to a Wine Event sponsored by Vincor Canada called "Globe in your Glass" wines were ok.

I must say this is the first Time I have done a wine tasting at night where I am drinking its way different then a trade tasting.  I must say the trade tastings are a lot better.  Just different Atomsphere but neither is bad maybe Im just not use to be out that late or something way pass my bed time har.
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THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Italian Wine Tasting 2009

Was held at the Terminal City Club, a Private Club you know for people with money to make connections mostly Professionals.  I know the Vancouver Club is more Lawyer based or I think they are.  Terminal City has a nice room very nice inside. Thumbs up

It was Italiano Day, Prosecco, Barolo, Sicilians, Amarones, Muscato D'Asti and everything else.
Lots of Good wines, lots of Ok wine not to many bad wines so thats good.  Tho it is depressing when you ask how much the wines Cost in Euro's and find out a 3.50EURO wine is selling for $17 in your Liquor Store, I know paying for shipping is a part of the cost but ugh taxes


Argentina & Chile

This should of been written and posted like 3 weeks ago. That being said now I have some time and motivation.  Both were at the same place here in downtown vancouver at the Sutton Place Hotel, really a nice place in the heart of downtown there room for the event was bigger then what I expected they had in the building. Now to the events


Oct18Dinner_007, originally uploaded by Weston3220.

Hey This Test should work better


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Pictures of Yesterdays Dinner [Oct 18/09]

What I learned I need a Flash, with Diffuser.

That being said here are the pictures

October 18/2009 Dinner

Dinner Party tonight 4 Courses 6 people.

Images to Follow Later I hope


Ahi Tuna Rolls

2008 Chateau de Chasseloir, Sur Lie, Muscadet Sevre et Maine


Braised Puy Lentils, Sauteed Cabbage

2008 Laporte, Les Duchesses, Pouilly-Fume


Carnival Squash Soup, Cinnamon Apple, Paprika Oil

2006 Vincent Girardin, Vieilles Vignes, Puligny-Montrachet


55F Grass Fed 'Empire Valley' Rib Eye Steak, Creamy Leek and Thyme Polenta, Red Wine Butter Sauce

2004 Domaine de Beaurenard, "Boisrenard", Chateauneuf Du Pape


Sous-Vide Pear, Almond Cake, Vanilla Bavarois

Ceylon and Assam Blended Loose Leaf Tea

Rhubarb Schnapps

Inspired from the Bookbook "Foie Gras and Black Pudding"

I decied to make Rhubarb Schnapps, Rhuarb Booze. My grandma being British always has rhubarb growing in her back yard and it was time to make it with Gin. Simple Really Rhubarb, Sugar and Gin puree, precook if you want. Let sit in Cool Place for 6 weeks shaking daily. Then Strain.

It will not be done till Nov 1st, but if it turns out like my Blackberry Port it will be tasty [Blackberry, Bottle of Zin, Bottle of Brandy, Sugar]

Beau Charles

My New Company.

Its basically be doing Private Chef work with a Major Push to wine pairing dinners.

Beau Charles Wine & Food Consulting

Why Beau Charles? well its my Middle names put in reverse order... Weston Charles Beau [Last Name] Can't give out to much info on the internet might get some weird stocker or weird stuff! They might steal my Credit Card Numbers!!!!

First Gig Oct 18th. My dad is Invoice Number #00001

A 'Cheap' Bottle of Wine

So I am doing this dinner for 6 people, and the one course the main has Grass Fed Northern BC Beef which I am pariing with a red wine sauce. So I need a bottle of red wine, went to the Booze Store to grab a cheapy but something that wasn't terrible. Finally decied I was going to go Argentina since there beef is Grass Fed. Don David Cabernet Sauvignon 16$ [Inexpensive by Canadian Standards so like 6-10$ American]. I must say I opened the bottle for the sauce tasted and kept half the bottle for myself and used a half bottle of my 2005 Bordeaux I had to make up the full bottle.

Also going to post in the next couple of days my experience from the Chile and Argentina Wine tasting, hopfully Sonoma if I can find my notes

Blogging Format Tasting Notes

The Stats:
Michel Torino
Don David Reserve
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cafayate, Argentina
100% New Oak

The Eye:
Dark in Colour

The Nose:
A hint of Greenness / Coffee on the Nose, and some good fruit

The Mouth:
Coffee, Good ripe red fruit, Good Tannins and Acidity Structure. The Oak was very balanced and not becoming that over oaked "saltiness" that I get with most over oaked wines

Score: 88

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

Naramata Wine Ass. [Okanagan, East Lake, on Bench]

Naramata Wine Associations Presents there twice? Annual Event. These are Okanagan Wines trying to Distinguish themselves from the rest of BC, Which I find cool and I think they are doing it. You could call this the "Napa" of BC wines, but being a cooler climate... Really good wines coming out of the area

The quality on all these wines were pretty high. Definitely the best of the Area as a group.

BC [Okanagan Namely] VQA Trade Tasting.

Twice a year the VQA [Vinters Quality Assurance] sponsors these events to try the new releases, Fall being more reds, spring being more whites. I must say that the quality of wine is really progressing a lot more being "drinkable" meaning I would pay money for them. Some that Jancis Robsinson Raved about I didn't find to be that "awesome" they were good But I found them to be too one dimensional.

Tasted A lot but these are the ones that stood out. Also helped out the old friends from the Restaurant.

Random Pictures, including after events har much to drink

Some Standout Wines and Wineries

8th Generation [German Wine Maker / Grower]
Pinot Gris 2008 [Really Nice Acidity Thumbs up for me]
Rose 2008 [Fantastic Sold Out and 2009 has a waiting list from my understanding]
Merlot [Don't know Vintage But really nice]

CedarCreek Winery
In Generally All Wines Doing pretty well
2007 Merlot [Big Wine, Big Tannins, Good purity of fruit]
Plantium Chard 2007 [Oaked for sure in French Oaked I generally Don't like Chard or Oaked Whites heh]

Chandra Estate Winery
Chardonnay "Yue" 2006 [A Chardonnay I liked, Hint of Oak very nice Good value too]

Clos Du Soleil Winery
Never heard of this Winery, Had a good looking blond pouring so OF Course I had to try the wine.
Red 2007 [Man what a fantastic wine it actually made me stop and think about it, did some research after the event seen its good some good reviews from local wine critics defintly a buy]

Garry Oaks
Really Impressed with there Wines
Pinot Noir [Red Fruit, Spice good purity of fruit tho Cranberry, Strawberry ,Rhubarb]
Pinot Gris [Love it good Acidity]

Mission Hill
Compendium 2006 [Drinking Nicely, smooth touch of fruit, dark chocolate]
Quatrain 2006 [A merlot Syrah blend, Syrah very syrupy coming through smooth creamy, fruit]
Oculus 2006 [BIG MASSIVE WINE, almost not drinkable, no point in opening this anytime soon the Tannins are just massive good fruit coming through tho]

Poplar Grove Winery
The 2005 Merlot and Legacy showing very nice currently [Just opened a 2004 Merlot which was Fantastic, you can ask Kim and Vibemore about it!]

Quails Gate Estate Winery
Heard Lots of good things about there Pinot Noir, they were pouring both of theres
Definitely a new World style play
Pinot Noir 2007 [Raspberry Coulis very nice]
Pinot Noir 2007 Reserve [Same profile as regular but a lot smoother]

Road 13
Viognier Rousanne Marsanne 2008 [Really Impressive]
Jackpot Syrah 2007 [Jancis Robinson Liked this wine, has those Rhone Qualities minerality fruit]

Summerhill Pyramid Organic Winery
Both Bubblies I love Blanc de Blanc really good
Cipes Brut NV
Organic Cipes Gabriel Blanc de Blanc NV

Not to Shabby all in all

Bordeaux 2006 Notes on 10 Wines

First of all sorry for no posts just have not been feeling it, that I checked my gmail account and I find its all screwy not forwarding emails to my normal account but just half of them. Weird stuff anyways I think its fixed now [which means it isn't fixed BUT hey that's the internet/computer for ya]

So I bought tickets to a 2006 Wine Tasting for Bordeaux, it was for a 9am Sunday Morning Figure it would be good not a lot of people and taste wine in peace. Show up 10mins early. And there is a line up outside the front door! Really at 9am?! Are these people mad? I know I am.

So in all I enjoyed all the 2006 except for the one that was totally over oaked.

I use the term Game, tho its not like Rhone game but it is earthy, game like that for my palate.

2006 Chateau La Tour Carnet, Haut-Medoc
A: Tobacco, Ceder
T: Acidity Present, Fruit Hidden, Creamy, getting little Cassis now, Pomegranate Finish

2006 Chateau Cantemerle, Haut-Medoc
58CS, 33M, 6PV, 3CF
A: Game, A nice Syrup nose coming across Black Pepper
T: Red Fruit, Tannins Present, Creamy, spicy finish

2006 Clos de l'Oratoire, St Emilion
A: Pretty Floral Nose, little Game
T: Tight nose, fruit not ready to drink [tho one wine note said drinking now...]

2006 Clos du Marquis, St Julien
A: Pepper
T: Good Tannins, "light body" [one critic called this Full Body, it was the lightest of the 10 and noticebly light] a interesting Juice flavour

2006 Chateau Clinet, Pomerol
A: Game
T: Good fruit, good tannins, "low acidity", spiciness

2006 Chateau Lascombes, Marqaux
A: Coffee Ground, Cocoa, "A Diaper Plastic Smell maybe I am thinking of the perfume they put in it?"
T: Good upfront fruit, med body, nice tannin. a solid wine

2006 Chateau Clerc-Milon, Pauillac
A: Game, Bordeaux Classic Nose, Spicy Pepperiness
T: Med Body, Red Fruit, Cranberry, Creamy

2006 Chateau Pichon-Longueville Baron, Pauillac
A: Vegatel Celery, Oak Creamy Vanilla
T: Coffee Ground, Acidity Red Fruit, Big Big Tannins, Nice Big Body, Creamy
*Not a Fan lots of Oak used in this

2006 Chateau Montrose, St Estephe
A: Interesting Nose (Good Way)
T: Good ripe red fruit, menthol
*I was going to buy this, didn't know if they were pouring it, it was good/ok, but I spent an extra 20$ and got a Pontet-Canet

2006 Chateau Pape-Clement, Pessac
A: Big game nose reminds me of a Burg, good nice fruit
T: Big Tannins Good Fruit
*Don't let the notes fool you this was the best red of the day hands down

Sauternes / Barsac

2006 Chateau Coutet, Barsac
A: Lovely Nose, Perfume, good tropical dried canadied Papaya nose
T: Honey Consistency, Minimal Acidity

2006 Chateau Rieussec, Sauternes
A: Dried Papaya Candy, Touch of Petrol
T: Good Acidity, "oak", papaya dried

Edit: All the wine were drinking nicely after 2 hours of open bottle, 2-4 hrs decant good, tannins there but not "bad" that they need to hide in the cellar for a couple of years

All said and done bought for me and my dad

x2 Chateau Cantemerle
x2 Chateau Suduiraut, Sauternes The other Sauternes was good but this was rated the best on CT.
x1 Chateau Pontet-Canet

My Major Liquor Store is releasing most of these wines for 20-30% Less, So I am most likely going to buy couple more bottles of these wines. Which starts this Saturday So Time to go Broke

Slow to Post - BC vs WA? Wines

Have not posted in a while finding it hard to write, I am just not a writer, heck in high school I was a C average student in English, and A/B student in Math. Started this blog to practice my writing skillz, yeah with a Zed, not a Zee.

That being said Had a mini wine tasting at my place with two people from Seattle, one moving up here we had 8 wines. 4BC wines and 4Washington state. Made a Interesting Night made some oxtail 'Roulade' [Pulled Oxtail with a little star anise, Butter, onion/garlic, Banyuls Vinegar, Wrapped in Cured Sherry Aged Beef]

The best part of having 8 wines between 3 people. Left over wine they both took home two bottles, and left me with 4. Must say Washington Wines have lots of acidity, needs time in bottle plus decanting. and have that Northern Rhone Quality of being less over the top.
The Two BC Reds I bought were excellent drinking now, and last for a couple years. But hands down fantastic drinking now

Poplar Grove Merlot 2004
95% Merlot, 5% Malbec
My last bottle of this Really Showing Well now, If only I could buy some more of these. The Wild Sage/Eucalyptus nose has mellowed A LOT which is good.
A: Big sweet Rich fruit little Rubber, and something we couldn't put on nose on
T: Drinking now beautifully, good fruit, not your normal Merlot, acidity is good all in all thumbs up

Blue Mountain Stripe Label Pinot Noir 06
What can you really say about this wine in that its awesome, its on the bigger side, very earthy, the fruit is toned down nicely balanced creamy/round smooth. A must try

Tantalus 07 Riesling
Petrol going on
Day 2
A: Little Tropical, Rubber
T: Lemon Juice, Round Quick Finish

Paradise Ranch Late Harvest 2005
Chardonnay 70% Riesling 30%
I haven't had this Paradise Ranch before I've had there ice wine the all Riesling one. The Chardonnay does give it that roundness a nose I couldn't pin down, I was going with Flinty but it wasn't really. Riesling gives it a little acidity balance. Good if you want a nice round mouth feeling Late Harvest
A: Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup. No Doubt about it, and my friend picked it up too
T: same as Aroma but lighter

DeLille Cellars, Chaleur Estate Blanc 2007
68% Sauv Blanc, 32% Semillon
I loved this wine, round smooth, melon and tropical fruits. I could drink this all the time. Better then Chardonnay. It is a big wine, held it own to Oxtail Roulade I made

Doyenne 2005 Aix
50% Cabernet Sauvignon 48% Syrah 2% Mourvèdre
A: Sweet perfume, then I found later in the evening Potato Chip nose really interesting.
T: Warm Feeling, Good acidity wish I could of tried this the next day

Trust 07 Syrah Day 2 notes
A: Pepper, Cherry Cola, Big Warm Nose
T: Red fruit good "sweetness", lots of acidity

St Michelle Ethos Late Harvest Riesling 2005
This is why I like Dessert Wines the Acidity just rips through this like no tomorrow so good and balanced
Day 2
A: Celery, Petrol
T: Tropical, Grape Bubble Gum [those cubed one from 10years ago] Good Acidity, Petrolly