Slow to Post - BC vs WA? Wines

Have not posted in a while finding it hard to write, I am just not a writer, heck in high school I was a C average student in English, and A/B student in Math. Started this blog to practice my writing skillz, yeah with a Zed, not a Zee.

That being said Had a mini wine tasting at my place with two people from Seattle, one moving up here we had 8 wines. 4BC wines and 4Washington state. Made a Interesting Night made some oxtail 'Roulade' [Pulled Oxtail with a little star anise, Butter, onion/garlic, Banyuls Vinegar, Wrapped in Cured Sherry Aged Beef]

The best part of having 8 wines between 3 people. Left over wine they both took home two bottles, and left me with 4. Must say Washington Wines have lots of acidity, needs time in bottle plus decanting. and have that Northern Rhone Quality of being less over the top.
The Two BC Reds I bought were excellent drinking now, and last for a couple years. But hands down fantastic drinking now

Poplar Grove Merlot 2004
95% Merlot, 5% Malbec
My last bottle of this Really Showing Well now, If only I could buy some more of these. The Wild Sage/Eucalyptus nose has mellowed A LOT which is good.
A: Big sweet Rich fruit little Rubber, and something we couldn't put on nose on
T: Drinking now beautifully, good fruit, not your normal Merlot, acidity is good all in all thumbs up

Blue Mountain Stripe Label Pinot Noir 06
What can you really say about this wine in that its awesome, its on the bigger side, very earthy, the fruit is toned down nicely balanced creamy/round smooth. A must try

Tantalus 07 Riesling
Petrol going on
Day 2
A: Little Tropical, Rubber
T: Lemon Juice, Round Quick Finish

Paradise Ranch Late Harvest 2005
Chardonnay 70% Riesling 30%
I haven't had this Paradise Ranch before I've had there ice wine the all Riesling one. The Chardonnay does give it that roundness a nose I couldn't pin down, I was going with Flinty but it wasn't really. Riesling gives it a little acidity balance. Good if you want a nice round mouth feeling Late Harvest
A: Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup. No Doubt about it, and my friend picked it up too
T: same as Aroma but lighter

DeLille Cellars, Chaleur Estate Blanc 2007
68% Sauv Blanc, 32% Semillon
I loved this wine, round smooth, melon and tropical fruits. I could drink this all the time. Better then Chardonnay. It is a big wine, held it own to Oxtail Roulade I made

Doyenne 2005 Aix
50% Cabernet Sauvignon 48% Syrah 2% Mourvèdre
A: Sweet perfume, then I found later in the evening Potato Chip nose really interesting.
T: Warm Feeling, Good acidity wish I could of tried this the next day

Trust 07 Syrah Day 2 notes
A: Pepper, Cherry Cola, Big Warm Nose
T: Red fruit good "sweetness", lots of acidity

St Michelle Ethos Late Harvest Riesling 2005
This is why I like Dessert Wines the Acidity just rips through this like no tomorrow so good and balanced
Day 2
A: Celery, Petrol
T: Tropical, Grape Bubble Gum [those cubed one from 10years ago] Good Acidity, Petrolly