WSET Level 3 Week 8 Rest of France

Maybe Im to young to know when Alsace made bad wine, but it kind of suck that its lumped with everything else in France, I do enjoy my White grape varieties, Pinot Gris, Gewurztraminer, and even Rieslings. Its those darn Flowers. Its amazing all the different soil types in Alsace, I would love to do a tasting of just different soils for Riesling for example would be so fascinating.

South of France is great for inexpensive/rustic wines. Here are my notes

WSET LEVEL 3 WEEK 8 REST OF FRANCE - Downtown Vancouver [AI School] (5/25/2010)

Last Section of France, three Regions, Alsace, South France, and South West France


  • 2005 Pfaffenheim Pinot Gris Steinert - France, Alsace, Westhalten, Alsace Grand Cru AOC
    Clear, Med Lemon Gold Core, Slight hint of Brassiness, showing significant legs.

    On the Nose, Clean, Med+ Intensity, Showing Developing Chartaristics, Honey, Pear, Spice, Mineral, White Mushroom [Campbells Mushroom Soup], Touch Floral

    On the Palate, Dry, Maybe a touch of Residual Sugar, Low+ Acid, Med+ Alc, Full Body, Med+ Intensity, Med+ Finish. Apple, Pear, Spice, Honey

    Good Quality, showing developed characters reading to drink, opens up nicely do not serve to cold, Acidity is low and maybe hurting this now. Also could be a touch more "complex" (88 pts.)
  • 2005 Domaines Schlumberger Riesling Les Princes Abbés - France, Alsace, Alsace AOC
    Clean, Med(-) Lemon, Tinge Green Colour,

    On the Nose, Clean, Med+ Intesnity, Developing, Petrol, Earth[stem/sap], Lime Zest

    On the Palate Dry, Med+ Acid, Med(-) Alc, Med (-) Body, Med Intesnity, Med+ Finish. Lime Candy, Petrol

    Conclusion, A good Riesling, Ready to drink can develop further, really enjoyed this went back for another glass at the end of class (89 pts.)

South France, Basically Languedoc Area

  • 2008 Les Domaines Paul Mas Cabernet-Merlot Arrogant Frog Ribet Rouge - France, Languedoc Roussillon
    Clear, Deep Ruby, Tinges of Purple, Showing Legs

    On the Nose, Med+ Intensity, Major Blackpepper, Coffee, Dark Fruit, Earth, Mineral, Vegetal

    On the Palate, Dry Med Acid, Med+ Tannin, Med Alc, med Body, Med+ Intensity, Med Finish. Spice, Chocolate, Dark Fruit[Cherry], Vegetal

    Conclusion, Rustic Tannin, Very DRY, Now bad of a wine really the nose was exciting but the palate was lacking just a touch but showing good Cab Sauv Characters for a warm climate (86 pts.)
  • 2008 Domaine de l'Auster Faugères - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Languedoc, Faugères
    Clean Deep Ruby Tinge of Purple

    On the Nose, Clean, Med+ Intensity, Youhtful. Mineral[Motor Oil], Funk, Dark Red Fruit/Dark Raspberry Jam, Plum, Sweet Cinnamon

    On the Palate, Dry, Med Acid, Med Tannin, High Alc, Med+ Body, Med+ Intensity, Med Finish. Dark Chocolate, Dark Ripe Fruit/Blackberry Jam/"Glycerol"

    Conclusion, Drink now, this wine is hot, my note has "Fire Water" good ripe qualities tho if alc doesn't bother you (85 pts.)

South West France

  • 2007 Croix du Mayne (François Pélissié) Cahors - France, Southwest France, Cahors
    Since all the wine were blind, I had this Pegged as a Malbec Question Mark, something about it was malbec but not argentina for sure, we knew that the region was going to be South West France, South France, Alsace soo

    Clear, Deep Purple

    On the Nose, Med Intensity, Developing, Mineral [Inside Rubber Ballon], Dark Red Fruit, Umami Savoury Qualities

    On the Palate, Dry, Med Acid, Med+ Tannin, med Alc, Med Body, Med Intensity, Med Finish, Red Fruit, Herbs

    Conclusion, wasn't totally feeling this wine justseemed missing something, reading to drink dont think it will gain much with age (85 pts.)
  • 2005 Château d'Aydie Madiran - France, Southwest France, Madiran
    Deep Ruby, showing Indication of bricking.

    On the Nose, Med+ Intensity, Developing, Red Fruit, Mineral [Inside a Rubber Balloon], Very "Clean", Chlorine Swiming Pool

    On the Palate, Dry, Med Acid, High Tannin, Med Alc, med Body, Med Intensity, Med+ Finish. Spice, Red Fruit, Chewy Tannins

    Conclusion, Wondering if this 05 vintage is a good vintage like 05 bordeaux, semi close, the tannins wer high but not "OMG TANNAT IS CRAZY TANNINS" high but not very complex (86 pts.)

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