Kid in a Candy Store

For me there are a couple of place where I can feel like a 'Kid in a Candy Story' one being Ming Wo Cookware shop looking for Chef Cooking Goods, Another is the Mikuni Truck mmmm, then there are the related a Really Good Wine Shop and Being at the and a palate of rare/old wines just sitting there, 1970s Ausleses', 1980 Cali Chards, in hidden inside Cases of Old Burgundies and Bordeaux 50s 60s etc.

I store my wine at the WineVault and don't often head down into the basement, but I was there for a wine tasting event, and there just happened to be some old wines I had to get my camera, this is jsut what was on top of the 40 or so cases that has been donated to the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival Gala Auction.


'The Internet Wine Revolution'

A must watch video on Business and Wine, Couldn't embed it here is the link

Vancouver 2010 Olympics

It was a nice day, sun was out camera had charged batteries. Decided to take some pictures of the local olympic venues before security became crazy and I was thrown in jail for taking "Terrorist" Pictures.

The Athlese Village, Opening/Closing Cermonies and Gold Medal Hockey game is all downtown.

Basically if you are not familiar with Vancouver, all of downtown is "closed" off, people working downtown can't park there, must take transit or find another way.

Whistler has most of the Skiing event, Richmond has the long track, a beautiful looking building using Pine Beetle Damaged Lumber.

But all that really matters for Canadians is GM Place where the gold medal ice hockey game will be held~

Mikuni Wild Harvest

So Went down to the Local Warehouse to grab the Good stuff
Blis Maple Syrup Aged in Bourbon Barrels
Blis Sherry Vinegar Aged in those Maple/Bourbon Barrels

some Sunchokes, Rissotto, Watercress. Also given a sample of those purple potatoes but the inside was Golden like a Yukon and with a red streak pretty damn good too

Oh and had to open a bottle of wine a good Bierzo
  • 2006 Dominio de Tares Bierzo Baltos - Spain, Castilla y León, Bierzo (11/27/2009)
    Let the Funk Blow off this bottle FYI

    A: A Slightly Muted nose but dark fruit coming through, with some nice spice/earthy notes

    T: Nice Sweet Tannins for sure Spanish sunshine, great acidity, and tannins [even on day 2] Some Dried Blueberries coming through even a slight fig note

    Conclusion: Solid wine, and even a great price, I'd probably buy it again and I think this has a wide ranch in crowd pleasing (89 pts.)

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Looked at White Truffles

Dec 1/2009 Dinner

Little Slide show of the Dinner, used the guests plates made it easier for me then lugging plates

Started them off with an Amuse of Rissotto, made with Sablefish Stock very light fish flavour as they need to get ready for the seafood coming up

Blue Mountain Vineyards
N/v Sparkling Brut, méthode traditionnelle, Okanagan Falls

Qualicum Bay Scallops, Sunchoke Puree, Pickled Golden Beets, Garlic Gastrique

Sable & Lamb
Blis Bourbon Aged Maple Syrup Glazed Sable, Pulled ‘Chorizo’ Lamb, Braised Puy Lentils, Wilted Watercress

Foie Gras Two-Way
Sous-Vide/Torched and Mousse Foie Gras, Almond Cookie, Tangy Quince Puree infused with Sauternes

Also Added a picture of the lamb before I confited it, very unpretty