Vancouver 2010 Olympics

It was a nice day, sun was out camera had charged batteries. Decided to take some pictures of the local olympic venues before security became crazy and I was thrown in jail for taking "Terrorist" Pictures.

The Athlese Village, Opening/Closing Cermonies and Gold Medal Hockey game is all downtown.

Basically if you are not familiar with Vancouver, all of downtown is "closed" off, people working downtown can't park there, must take transit or find another way.

Whistler has most of the Skiing event, Richmond has the long track, a beautiful looking building using Pine Beetle Damaged Lumber.

But all that really matters for Canadians is GM Place where the gold medal ice hockey game will be held~


  1. Great post. You know I love Vancouver but I don't think I'd like to visit when such an event was being held, just too much hassle.

    Any snow yet? Would you believe snow is forecast for the Napa hills tonight!!!

  2. I didn't even want to be here during the event, all of downtown is going to be roped off and checkpoints, its crazy the Miliary/Police have been here since September setting up [Especially buying stuff from the home depot where my mom works about 8blocks from the Village]

    Snow nah, those pictures it is about 0C, if its cold here its a nice day, not to much snow usually twice a year and last usually couple of days, but lots in the mountains