Kid in a Candy Store

For me there are a couple of place where I can feel like a 'Kid in a Candy Story' one being Ming Wo Cookware shop looking for Chef Cooking Goods, Another is the Mikuni Truck mmmm, then there are the related a Really Good Wine Shop and Being at the and a palate of rare/old wines just sitting there, 1970s Ausleses', 1980 Cali Chards, in hidden inside Cases of Old Burgundies and Bordeaux 50s 60s etc.

I store my wine at the WineVault and don't often head down into the basement, but I was there for a wine tasting event, and there just happened to be some old wines I had to get my camera, this is jsut what was on top of the 40 or so cases that has been donated to the Vancouver Playhouse Wine Festival Gala Auction.



  1. I don't think I would be able to keep it together!!!

  2. Happy New Year!

    (Commercials for Olympics on telly all the time now!)

  3. you too.

    Yup its coming up soon! Have tickets to one hockey game [not canada those are to expensive]

    Want to see how Team Colbert does hah