Napa Tasting!

Went to a Napa Tasting Downtown, Very impressed, wish they had bread with the cheese pfft who doesn't serve bread with a cheese platter. Vinsanity...I know your reading and I know you work in Napa any of these wineries?

I must say after this event my Tongue was shot.... way to much Tannins but I did go to a tasting the next day [notes to come later]

TASTE NAPA VALLEY [VANCOUVER, CANADA] - Fairmont Hotel, Waterfront (10/29/2009)

Trade Tasting, Lots of Chardonnay were Over Oaked, but like one wine maker said thats what the American Palate likes and it sells. Not to me tho. Cabernet Sauvignon I found a lot better this year then last [maybe my palate] Felt like less Oak.

White Wines

Red Wines

Overall Impressed, tho the Price means I can not afford any of the wines really

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  1. No, I don't work at any of these wineries, but awfully close to one of them :)
    We may have similar tastebuds...I love the Miner Viognier although haven't had the '08 yet (polished off an '07 on Thursday night.)
    In the reds I like the Miner Family Oakville Cab over the more pricey Oracle...I just like Oakville fruit.
    Will be going to Truchard in the next couple of weeks (you should try their Rousanne, it's delicious), for research purposes of course ;)
    Great post/review.

  2. i'll see if they import that here, Truchard is great up here its not crazy Napa Expensive. At these levels price may not indicate quality but more of style. Big Tannin, Big Oak. I mean my Love for the Blackbird is #1 now hah

  3. Oak Knoll is a great place to grow grapes in the valley, haven't had the Blackbird but I can imagine it is nice. My fave Cab Franc, Smith-Wooton, comes from an Oak Knoll vineyard.