Naramata Wine Ass. [Okanagan, East Lake, on Bench]

Naramata Wine Associations Presents there twice? Annual Event. These are Okanagan Wines trying to Distinguish themselves from the rest of BC, Which I find cool and I think they are doing it. You could call this the "Napa" of BC wines, but being a cooler climate... Really good wines coming out of the area

The quality on all these wines were pretty high. Definitely the best of the Area as a group.

La Frenz
Pinot Noir - Raspberry
Reserve 2006 [CS 60%, Merlot 30%, CF 10%] - A High Proportion of Cab Sauv, a little greener with Coffee.

Lake Breeze
Pinot Noir 2007 - Cola Nose, paired really well with a creamy strong cheese. Good wine
Meritage 2007 - Great deal at 20$[CAN], Good fruit and tannins
Tempest 2006 - Big Not ready
Tempest 2005 - Red not my style big tho

Laughing Stock
Blind Trust 2007 [50% Merlot, 25% CS, 25CF] Aroma and Taste close to the same, Jolly Rancher Cherry/Watermelon flavour going on very interesting especially the watermelon, nice easy tannins
Portfolio Vertical
A: Close
T: Soft Cherry, good acidity and tannins
A: Nose Slightly Closed again
T: Touch Creamy fruit, nice herbal coffee
2007 [Decanted 2hrs]
A: Pretty Nose, Coffee, Creamy Vanilla
T: Good Balance acid is there fruit is, nice cherry fruit
The 2007 was my favorite I have couple bottles left of the 2006 so that's still good and looking good for the future

Black Widow
Hourglass 2007 - Sweet Cherry Mocha, I really enjoyed this wine, [this is there only red wine they make]

Van Westen [A Old World Style of Wine]
Voluptuous 2005
A: Pencil Shaving/Graphite/Cedar
T: nice Medium Body, big tannins, bright
Voluptuous 2006 - Riper then the 2005, still red fruit pretty close tho, but I think the 2006 would be a bigger crowd pleaser

Hillside Estate
Cab Franc - Nice Round Ripe Fruit easy drinking can't go wrong
The other reds are on the easy drinking "value" side mass appeal

Therapy Vineyards
Pinot Noir 2008 - Raspberry
Merlot 2005 - Warm Fruit, Soft Tannins, good earthy nose
Freuds Ego 2007 - A green tobacco on the nose, good raspberry and its a merlot blend
Super Ego 2007 [CS/M/PV/Syrah] Raspberry shining through again weird for a blend like this same with the Freuds

Howling Bluff
Pinot Noir 2007 - Creamy Cherry
Sin Cera - Earthy, Coffee, Fruit

Poplar Grove / Monster Vineyard
Monster Merlot 2007 Bag in a Box - Good easy drink, good value an every day wine
Poplar Grove
Merlot 2006 - A Nice dessert coffee flavour on the nose, nice fruit tannin really good
Syrah 2005 - Aroma of a Cream of Mushroom Soup, good fruit red cherry mushroomy on the palate
Cab Franc 2006 - Big Tannins, A Steak Wine, A Mans Cab Franc
Legacy 2005 - Big big wine tannins fruit present, needs cellaring for sure

Nichol Vineyards [Wine Makers never uses more then 10% New Oak]
St Laurent 2006 - A Pinot Noir taste a like from Austria, earthy / good fruit
Pinot Noir 2006 - Creamy Fruit Raspberry
Cab Franc 2006 - Good soft tannins, nice easy drinking with nice fruit
Syrah 2006 - Good fruit, creamy, soft + nice

Township 7
Merlot 2006 - Good ripe fruit med+ body
Syrah 2006 - Red Ripe fruit
Cabernet 2006 - Green/Coffee on the nose, Palate Ripe fruit coffee, tannins


  1. Black Widow...I dunno...I had apost about the real sounds good though :)

  2. Yeah I remember that.....I don't like Vancouver spiders and none of them are poisonous hah

  3. Non-poisonous is a good thing :)