Argentina & Chile

This should of been written and posted like 3 weeks ago. That being said now I have some time and motivation.  Both were at the same place here in downtown vancouver at the Sutton Place Hotel, really a nice place in the heart of downtown there room for the event was bigger then what I expected they had in the building. Now to the events

The Wines of Chile were first.  The big thing in Chile is the Sauvignon Blanc, Some of the Pinots starting to come up, Syrahs and Those Greenish Cabs, oh and we can't forget the Carmenere.
Whites- some Sauv Blanc some were leaning towards the style of NZ, also a couple of Viognier
Red - The red wines in general were not as fruity as you would expect from a new world place.

Below are some recommendations of wine I tasted and liked

Agustinos 2009 Reserva Sauvignon Blanc
Anakena 2009 Single Vineyard Viognier
Vina Choclan 2009 Seleccion Sauvignon Blanc - Fantastic and a Great buy at 12.99
Cousino Macul 2008 Sauvignon Gris
Vine Luis Felipe Edards 2009 Sauvignon Blanc, Gran Reserva - Round Rich SB

Augustinos 2009 Pinot Noir - Meaty Wine
Carmen 2005 Winemakers Reserve Red (50%CS, 20%Carm 10%PS 10% Syrah 10% Can't read my note hah)
Concha y Toro 2008 Palo Alto Reserva
Cousino-Macul 2007 Antiguas Reservas Merlot
Cousino-Macul 2007 Finish Lerrae

Nativa 2006 Gran Reserva Cabernet (These wines of Nativa are not everyone style, they are Green Old World Style, definitly not a fan favourite, unique and earthy)

Argentina Time, the wines from here were I would say of a much higher fruit content, big bold everyone could enjoy.  Some use of Oak and some Over Oaked.  Torrontes too soapy for me.

Filus 2009 Torrontes (A Big Torrontes)
Eclipse 2009 Torrontes (Great Value 8.99! a steal of a price)
O. Fournier 2004 Alfa Crux Blend
O. Fournier 2006 Alfa Crux Malbec
Clos de Los Siete 2007
Trapiche 2007 Malbec Reserve
Colome 2007 Amalaya
Bodegas Santa Ana 2008 Santa Ana Eco Malbec
Bodegas Del Fin Del Mundo 2006 Special Blend (Located in Patagonia South South Argentina)
Bodega Sottano 2006 Judas Malbec
Finca El Origen (All there wines very Terroir Driven)
Bianchi 2006 Famiglia Bianchi Cabernet Sauvignon
Bodega Dante Robino 2007 Bonarda
Casa Montes 2007 Ampakama Intenso Malbec
Casa Montes 2006 Don Baltazar Petit Verdot
Dominio Del Plate 2007 Benmarco Malbec
Dominio Del Plate 2006 Benmarco Expressivo
Dominio Del Plate 2005 Susana Balbo Brioso

Overall Not a lot of Stand out White Chardonnay from eithe country both using way to much oak, Chile Blending it with Viognier which was Oaked and in my opinion Viognier should never be oaked in new oak.  Argentina Reds did do a lot better especially in the Delicious Factor but there were some with Over Oaked Red

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