Hakkasan Restaurant Located in the Industrial Area of Richmond, Richmond being the home to a lot of Asian Restaurant. A lot of Chefs came from Hong Kong I guess in the 80/90s

It is Hakka Cuisine, so that in itself makes it stand out from other such standbys as dim-sum.  From my understanding Hakka being A Nomadic Tribe, traveled around took recipe from the area moved on etc etc so they have a range of food styles. They have some Szechuan Style, which I enjoy they are great for those cold days.  As you can tell from the Images they are warm foods, Beef Curry Brisket, Eggplant and Chicken Chili/Garlic, and Fried Green Beans yummy.  There traditional dish is the Salt Baked Chicken.

A Must eat at place, and fantastic deal for lunch, but Usually order off the dinner menu for myself.

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