Golden Mile Cellars "Black Arts Pinot Noir 2006" aka Road 13

First thing First Golden Mile Cellars is now called Road 13, and their Black Arts series turned into the Jackpot Series. [They wanted basically wanted the Golden Mile name to be for the area near Olive, Okanagan BC]. That being said there are a few bottle of this left at the BCLD (British Columbia Liquor Stores) and I recommend you buy it. Firstly its good and two they do not make this label/bottle anymore.

The label style of this bottle is really just awesome its classy, the new Jackpot series are eh ok, but these ones are nice I have a 05 Black Arts 5th Element and its just nice. So pick some of these up not alot left.

Also I did do a tasting of Road 13s new release back in October for a industry only tasting and must say they were all awesome (Not a big fan of the Honest John Red) Definitely a fan of the Jackpot Viognier, guys who I worked with really loved the Riesling.

Now onto the wine itself.

The stats:
Golden Mile Cellars (Now Road 13)
Pinot Noir 2006 Black Arts Series (Jackpot series is their top of the line now)
13.5% Alc
Oliver, British Columbia [aka Golden Mile, Okanagan]
The Look:

The colour is dark for a pinot noir it is from the South of Okanagan being the golden mile (Oliver) so it does get warm and alot of sun. A nice ruby red colour with a medium intensity (dark for a pinot noir)

The Nose:

Right when I opened the bottle I poured me a little to smell and decanted the other 70% [saving the rest to try again].It was big and Gamey, Earthy truffles? (Still haven't smelled fresh truffles to get that nose down but definitely not "barnyard'ie" no fruit on the nose.

The Taste:

Has that gamey'ness and Cherry's mixed with Cranberries and that truffle/bacon/smoke meat (Tho less bacony because it doesn't have that sweetness I would say) Really has a nice Acid Backbone which paired really nicely with my Pizza for dinner [Chicken, Sun dried Tomatoes, Garlic etc]

Overall A Fantastic Wine I am going to the BCLD to buy a couple of these bottles before they are gone forever the 06 and that fact its the last of the Golden Mile before Road 13.


  1. I would love to try that Viognier.
    Great post.

  2. Yeah its nice I'd like to retry it had it at a wine tasting among 30 other BC wineries and it stood out so it has to be good hah. I have a weakness for Those Viognier / Gwertz style whites (Nice Gwertz in BC too especially in the north and summerland)