WSET Test Results in! A Pass

o after two and half months finally found out how I did on my WSET test. Advanced Level 3.  I passed with Distinction on the Theory and with Merit on the tasting.  All in All It is what I expected since I found out what the wines we tasted were right after the test.   Boy were those "typical" wines of the region not Atypical.  The New Zealand Savignon blanc was not Green Pepper Juice or Mushy Peas or Asparagus just really good wine, which is why I picked Muscadet lol.  And the 2nd the red  a  $40 Bordeaux, which I guessed for a Cheap-o Valpolicella,  I think it did need time to breath and was a "off" year soooo what ya going to do.


  1. Weston, congratulations...I am sure you deserve it!
    And Happy New Year!