The After Work Drink of Choice

So at work I get two drinks a night part of my pay (salary, tips, 2 drinks). What I end up choosing every night (about 75% of the time) is Blasted Church Chardonnay Musque 2007. It is a refreshing wine that just at the end of the night I fall into drinking, there are about 10 wines by the glass to choose from, its the one I pick. Why do I pick it, one reason is its a big seller so the bottle is always fresh even on the slow nights, and the Monster Vineyard Pinot Blanc 2007 is a little fruity for an after work drink (10PM~). The Monster Rose is awesome btw (I think its 2007) and the Pinot Blanc 2006 was really nice had the nice fruit / acid balance.

Anyways Back to the Blasted Church, it has the fruit, the acid, the refreshing'ness for an after work drink. And To quote cellarmaster from forum "I call it Chardonnay for people who don't like Chardonnay." Which in reality I am. The Chard is Unoaked (Which Im not generally a fan of). I like my chards oaked but barrel fermented oaked like the 2005Pacific Breeze Chard. (Made in New Westminister BC, grapes from California.

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