Poplar Grove 2004 Merlot

Wow talk about big nose, has that Turpentine / Pine nose just big that I pick up from the Malbec maybe its just big smell it from a mile away.

The Stats:
Poplar Grove Winery
Merlot 2004
95% Merlot 5% Malbec
18 months in French Oak barrels, 12 motnhs bottle ageing
686 cases produced
14.5% alc.

Tawny Brown, Bing Colour Juices.

Turpentine/pine, Cherries, Clove (spice), caramel (later on at the end).

The Aroma is big just bang hits you right in the face very "new world" style I would say.

Silky Smooth, round with being 14.5% you couldn't tell it was so high in alc. the flavour I couldn't pick up Maybe need more time it has a nice acid balance but the tannins were just nice a smooth.

Paired well with the 48Hour 60Degree Sous-Vide beef Tongue which I cooked the fatty gaminess went really nice with the wine

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