Beef Tongue 60C / 48 Hrs

Ah Beef Tongue how weird and creepy it looks raw and out of the bag. Touching it and realizing the the tongue is rough like a cats tongue made it even more creepy, if thats even possible at this stage.

So this is my first time cooking beef tongue I bought it at the farmers market from a lady who owns a ranch up in northern BC Empire Valley Beef, they raise Angus Open Range Beef. Also I had dinner at this Italian restaurant La Querciain Kits and ordered the beef tongue because I've only had it once before and it was good (Fuel Restaurant). So I thought time to cook this tongue up

The Facts:
Beef Tongue is a tough piece of meat, it has a an outer membrane which is not edible and needs to be peeled.

With that out of the way I took it made a salt marinate with Salt, Mustard, Brown Sugar, Black Pepper and Touch of Merlot Vinegar. Wrapped it in Saran wrap and left it over night to cure / marinate.

Once that was done I cryo vac'd it in a bag with 1/4cup of demi thyme and more black pepper. and Sealed. Threw it into my water bath I had setp up in my stove which was sitting at 60-69C and let it cook for 48hrs.

A note on the water bath it was a large stock pot no lid, because it was long braising I wasn't worried to much of temperate fluctuations. But If I was going to sous-vide a steak or even a chicken I would definitely want something more accurate and that didn't fluctuate.

In the end it was awesome the large section of the tongue the back part tasted way better then the tip of the tongue it didnt have as much fat and dried out. The back was melt in your mouth delisious and because I used alot of pepper it had a corned beef flavour.

All in All a very successful 3 days

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