Golden Mile Black Arts 5th Element (Now Road 13 Jackpot Series)

Like I posted before about Golden Mile it is now Called Road 13. I picked up a couple of there last vintages when they changed their name. They must of unloaded a lot of inventory at the BCLD to just sell their new label.

This is the Black Arts 5th Element (Now Called Jackpot 5th Element). I must say this bottle is classy were the new one is jsut casual I like this bottle a lot more. Its their Meritage Blend Merlot based.

Now on to the wine

The Stats:
Golden Mile Cellars (Now Road 13)
2005 5th Element Red (Now Jackpot Series line)
65% Merlot, 28% Cab Sauv, 4% Petit Verdot, 1% Cab Franc, 2% Syrah. (Syrah this year being the 5th Element)
13.7% Alc
Oliver, British Columbia [Aka, Golden Mile, Okanagan]
Winemaker - Michael Bartier

The Look:
very pretty to look at, you can tell its been sitting in some oak for awhile has the red colour with the tinge of brown in it. Very pretty. Dark Colours.

The Nose:
Smells of Dark Cherry's, A Syrup/Honey mixture very nice, little hints of coffee grounds.

The Taste:
You can tell when you drink this it has the ability to last, The Glass I'm reviving is what I Saved from last nights dinner (about 1/6 of a bottle) it still has great tannin structure, acidity. Definitely well made in that regard. Tho the only problem I find with it is that there is no fruit on the palate and to me that sucks because it has so much to make it awesome.

Because there is no fruit on the palate I can't seem me getting excited about this vintage, I wouldn't pay 35$ for this. Ill try the next vintage. They do have a good winemakers and you can see in the wine it does have potential in the future.

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