Vinegars, one of the most underrated Items in a Kitchen (next to Mustard IMO). Vinegars can make that soup that just tastes "ok" to taste OMG amazing. Or take an Ordinary salad and with the right dressing (a balance of oil to vinegar) to "The Best Salad Ever".

Some vinegars cost a lot of money, taking product making it like wine and then turning into Vinegar. I've never made Vinegar tho apparently it is easy enough (So Says Ideas in Food peeps)

Two New Vinegars I bought today.

Jean-Marc Mireille "Citron" and Banyuls Wine Vinegar 5years old.

Jean-Marc Mireille's Citron is amazing it is so good tasting you could almost drinking it except for the 7.5% Acidity which doesn't go well to drinking straight..

The Banyuls I bought just because I've seem it in a lot of cooking books, Ill try it out sooner rather then later


  1. You didn't mention that fish and chips without vinegar is a CRIME!

  2. I like my Tartar sauce, but I just like Mayo hah. French Fries with Mayo The Belgium way no catsup. Tho A good tartar does have a nice acid balance, to creaminess ^_^