Laughing Stock 2006 Portfolio

I bought a case of this wine when it was released. You know being a British Columbia I have to support my Local wineries, Heard a lot of good and hell it came in a cool wooden boxes which makes it worth it haha. They have their story on the website on why they are called Laughing Stock or LFNG.

Ok first thing, I don't mind the use of New Oak in a wine but it has to be in a balance, I mean its like Salt and Pepper to much salt and blah [I could use the make-up analogy but I don't like Make on women I just notice it then its like whats the point]. Now Maybe someone could email me and tell me that new oak needs time to go into the wine etc etc blah blah whatever something something, then so be it and I should wait so many years before it doesn't tsate like sweet vanilla goodness ^_^

This wine is made up of 40% New oak 60% 2nd Fill.

The Stats:
Laughing Stock Vineyards
Portfolio 2006
61% Merlot, 16% Cab Sauv, 16% Cab Franc, 5% Malbec, 2% Petit Verdot
19 Months in Barrel: 40% New and 60% Second Fill French Oak
14.5% Alc
Naramata Bench, Penticton, Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada
40$ Canadian [Direct]

The Look:
Dark Colour, good extraction, with a red/purple tinge on the rim.

The Nose:
Earth, Sweetness of Vanilla

The Taste:
Dark Chocolate Finish, Dry Grainy Tannins, Acidity was good good potential ,a little fruit was showing at the end but not a lot will explain in overall experience

I popped and Poured this wine, yes it was young yes I should of decanted it. Now my question is if I decanted this would the fruit show and the oak integrate or what. I think this has potential if the fruit and other sub layer come through it seems to have potential in it but only time will tell. It isn't a bad wine but to me it needs more for me to spend the money on it. Tho I do have 5 bottles left

Also once my awesome new camera comes Ill take a picture of the bottle it is a really neat design


  1. A true Bordeaux blend, all 5 usual suspects. Oak can be over done. However, it's only an '06...drink one a year and blog the results.

  2. I will Since I do have 5 bottles left to drink/share.