Lesser Known Grape Variety: BONARDA

Well I opened a bottle of Bonarda from Argentina, to say the least this wine is interesting, apparently it is from Italy. The facts about it is a red wine that makes a sweet medium body wine with a wash of acidity [my translation of the facts!]

I am one to try and expand my palette as long as its not to crazy [AKA smelling those veal kidneys which were apparently "fresh" and smelled like piss isn't something I'm going to eat no thanks~]

The Stats:
Cerro Azul 2006 (Bodegas La Guarda)
100% Bonarda (approx 40 year old vines, oldies!)
13.8% Alc
San Juan, Argentina, South America, Earth
17$ [CAN]

The Look:
Dark Red, tinge of Purple

The Nose:
I was tring to figure out what this nose smelled like, at First I was going with Sweet Medicine. Then It hit me it has a Molasses smell Sulfur esque, Almost gives you a headache on how strong it is but yet mild. Then I was picking up Black Liquorice [The Real stuff]. Then I was getting Pumpernickel Bread. And yeah some cherry

The Taste:
Medium body, some cherry, Liquorice, Lots of acidity almost candy-esque cherry/raspberry combo. And sweet

Crazy changing for sip to sip but back and forth between the fruit and the Liquorice. And sweet I found it interesting and different which means its something I would bring to a wine tasting party, or open for someone who wanted something "Different"

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