I like Tea, it relaxes me.

If I want to relax I'll drink tea over wine (Black Tea with 10% Cream no sugar).

In the Morning I drink White Tea or Green.

Tiequanyin Tea, aka Iron Buddha.

My dads friend gave him and I about 1oz of tea that cost $1500kg, yeah about $1.50 a gram.

I like my black teas from India/Sir lanka, my Green from China none of that rice toasting Japanese stuff.

I think I'll review my teas tho I need to make a standardized test, 1tea spoon 30secs 1/2cup water? I'll see what I can think of.


  1. All I know is that it is hard to find a good Earl Grey in the US.

  2. well locally there are a couple of companies.
    Murchies Tea [www murchies com] they supplied Queen Elizbeths Tea when she visits Vancouver/Victoria don't know if she drinks earl grey.

    and T - Tea [www tealeaves com] They supply a lot of the high end restaurants in vancouver, and apprently some restaurants in the US.

    As for me im not a earl grey fan really, Ill drink it because it is what my mom has her place, and I put cream in it! gasp

  3. I put milk and sugar in it...I'm (northern) English for Gods sake, we add milk!
    Thanks for the web addresses.