Chateav De La Galiniere 2008 Rose Round 1 Wine 3

Well here is the end of Round 1 and the 3rd Wine.

The Stats:
Chateav De La Galiniere
Vendanges Manuelles [Rose] 2008
13% Alc
Cotes De Provence
Vines Grow in Red Bauxite Soil, On the Foothills of the Cengle De La Sainte Victoire, Situated in Chateaneuf-Le-Rouge. Those are the coles notes of the back of the bottle!

The Eye:
Light Salmon in Colour

The Nose:
Touch of Tart, Fruit other then that very unexciting

The Mouth:
Now this is kinda of shocking to me, a wine from Provence being this Tart, I mean imagine this made into a Sparkling it would be awesome but its to tart for a rose I think. Its ok but very Tart good amount of green appleness but not that malic acid I get from some wines I explain as tart also

An Interesting Wine, for the Fact its Tart from Provence, but other then one dimensional kidna of boring might be to tart for some people

Score: 83

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
  • Extraordinary (96-100 points)
  • Outstanding (90-95)
  • Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
  • Good (80-84)
  • Average (75-79)
  • Below average (70-74)
  • Avoid (50-70)

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