Domaine L'Hortus De Bergerie Rose De Saignee Wine 2

Wine Number two, a French Rose from France...Yeah we shall go with that, its dark and im to lazy to turn on a light. Wine is definitly interesting in the fact that it isn't that fruit play, which a lot of Roses for me have not been totally Strawberry Pie Roses, Im getting stuff thats just I guess a little more ?complicated? or ?different?.

The Stats:
Domaine De L'Hortus de Bergerie
Rose De Saignee
A Blend.
13.5% Alc
Coteaux de Languedoc

The Eye:
A Orangie Tint to this Rose, So Red meets orange?

The Nose:
First thing I noticed was Celery Salt, that dried concenrated sweet celery not fresh celery. Kinda of neat almost like a "MSG" / Umami play.

The Mouth:
Day 1, some fruit semi ripe necterines, good acidity
Day 2 Tomato stalk juice play, very thick now the wine [Maybe because a fly fell into the wine bottle! contamined wine!]

Score: 86 Overall an Ok wine, some interesting veggie play for those who like that, as for me not really so much thats why the 86 but If I was more of a veggie guy most likely a couple more points

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

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