Its Salmon, NOT PINK! Round 1

I am going to start around of 3 roses as often as I Can, aka Depending how much I drink. I would like to do atleast 4 rounds by the end of summer, ranking them based on the 3 I had, Then Maybe at the end of the Summer get the winners of each one and do a Rose night with some friends and see who really wins!

So I am a Fan of Rose, I enjoy whites wines, they both have the quality of a refreshing summer sipper, Like a Beer. I just can't drink beer like wine, once in awhile and it has to be really good beer hah.

So this Round, Number 1!

La Vielle Ferme 2007 - Cotes du Ventoux [Bought at the BCLD 39&Cambie $13.99 CND]
Domaine Houchart 2008 - Provence [Bought at the BCLD 39&Cambie $16.96 CND]
Chateau De La Galiniere - Provence [Bought at the BCLD 39&Cambie $18.99 CND]

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