Chateau Saint-Christoly - Medoc 2005

Had a bottle of this when the case first arrived about last year I think or maybe 6 months ago I have no idea. What I do remember is that when I had it, it was totally Off balanced and heavy on the acid. Maybe Bottle Shock? Most Likely. Now having it drinking a lot better, but this wine just about tore off my tongue haha.

The Stats:

Chateau Saint-Christoly

Cru Bougeois 2005

Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot



The Eye:

Dark In Colour The Looks like a big boy.

The Nose:

Pop'n'Pour - Aroma of Good Sweet Dark Blackberry, Cassis, With Vanilla, basically a Vanilla Heavy Sweet Compote

Next Day[Kept half a bottle] - Aroma now has lost all the sweetness of fruit and vanilla and has gone with the more Earthy, notes of Coffee, Eucalyptus bit has a "Syrupyness too it"

The Mouth:

Pop'n'Pour - Good Fruit nothing standing out but dark berries Aciditiy Check, Tannins Double Check, this boy is just tearing off my tongue the tannin structure speaks off good agability but probably won't drink again for another year

Next Day[Kept half a bottle] - Tannins are a lot smoother, but still grinding a bit, acid is present, Fruit has turned down from the "fruit bombyness" of the First Pour more red fruit showing now


I think this will age well, once the tannins calm down this should be just fine to drnik with a good meal

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