New Zealand Wine Tasting Part 1 - White....err Sauv Blanc

Part 1 White Wine! Oh who am I kidding its like 99% Sauvignon Blanc and a bunch of them smell and taste like Green Peppers or for the New Zealanders, Capsicums. I think this picking of Sauv Blanc at low brix 21-22 is too much under ripe green pepperness coming through, I like grassiness! not Green pepper damnit

Sauvignon Blanc (The first Bunch were tasted a Room Temp)

Esk Black Label Hawke's bay 2008
I like the Grassy, round, imo could use a touch more acidity. Tho I think if slightly chilled it wouldn't matter

Alexia Wairarapa 08
Aroma of Good tropical Fruit, Taste good fruit apples

Pegasus Bay Sauvignon/Semillon Waipara 08
Aroma was a little dirty, not poppy just dirty

Mt. Difficulty Central Otago 08
Aroma of Green Peppers straight up, taste of Veggies sprinkled with Lemon Juice mmmm tasty =P

Stoneleigh Rapaura Series 08
Oily Nose, Light Taste

Wither Hill Rarangi Single Vineyard 08
A: Green fruit, hint of veggie not over powering in the GP aspect. Taste of Papaya greeness of veggies

Konrad 08
Boring~ yawn

O:TU Single Vineyard 08
A interesting wine, it had the smell of ripe veggies not green peppers something riper. and the taste was of a veggie Dip like veggies with ranch dip or something

Te Mata Estate Cape Crest Hawke's Bay 08
A: Good amount of Mango, Passionfruit, and Griddle Brick (I suppose some people call this minerality) T: Creamy, white peach

Matahiwi Estate Holly 07
all my notes say is "Nice" So I guess I liked it

Auntsfield Estate ( I think I liked everyone of their wines)
Long Cow Sauvignon Blanc 08 - A very good Sauv Blanc not offensive at all I like it
Orchard Hill Chardonnay 08 UnOaked - First of all I don't like Chardonnay Grapes, and not a fan of Oak in white wines. This Chard really good almost reminds me off a Chablis or some Burg wine really good

Kim Crawford SP Waipara Riesling 2005 - A: Petrol, good fruit T: Petrol (minimal) very nice served a little to chilled tho

Waitiri Creek [Central Otago]
Pinot Gris 08 - Fantastic Pinot Gris, and the vines are like 5 or 6 years old. I mean this wine was awesome. Okanagan grows alot of Pinot Gris and this beats all the ones I have had hands down. Tho the price is more then 50% more its worth it ($30Canadian/BCLD)

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