German Wine Tasting Event

Wines of Germany Tasting Event

Riesling Riesling Riesling

Ok So first thing first I came to this tasting not being a huge Riesling fan, don’t get me wrong I like the stuff heck I was at fuel restaurant in Vancouver had the 6 course tasting menu and had the sommelier / part owner (Who loves Riesling) pair the meal with 3 Riesling Awesome! Especially the 1993 (don’t know the name). But the sugar bothers me and even from the tasting it really coats your palette I could see drinking a glass but after that its way too much.

Lots of good balanced Auslese / Spätlese 2007/2008s Kabinett nice anything under Kabinett really not worth buying IMO.

Sylvaner grape compared to Riesling at the event seemed flat

Pinot Gris was round a buttery, almost flat like and I like Pinot Gris drink some nice ones here in British Columbia.

Gewurztraminer Oily compared t o Riesling and close to being matching but Riesling still wins

So here is a list of wines I liked anything I didn’t find above average I didn’t even write about, the problem was the room was super crowded and really hot, that I did not get a lot of flavour notes, just had no concentration though I did get a feel of good balance verse off balance.


2007 Wurzburger Stein “Hagemann” Very Different Almost Green, apparently this is a “Grand Cru” vineyard in Germany. Not your typical Riesling

Weingut-Kruger-Rumpf, Nahe,

2007 Kabinett, Munstereer Kapellenberg

2007 Erben Auslese (Langguth wine and spirits)

Dr. Loosen all very good and you can see why they are a world brand leader

2007 Spätlese and Auslese were especially good “Urzigner Wurzgarten” Good Fruit, Good Acid, Good Balance

2007 Auslese Moselland Insignum bergkastel-kueser Kardinalsberg

Weingut Max Ferd Richter

2007 Spätlese, A Delicate Spätlese very good but catches you off guard compared to all the “heavier” Spätlese’ really nice though

Auslese not Delicate thumbs up

Weingut St. Urbans-Hof

2007 Auslese Piesporter Goldtropfchen. Nice fruit Sugar Acid Good Balance

Weinguter Graf Von Schonburn

2007 Spätlese/Jubilaum Hattenheim Pfaffenberg

2007 Spätlese Erbach Maroobrunn

Weingut Johannishof/Eser: 2007 Kabinett Johannisberger “V” Aroma of being at the Hair Salon, that cut hair plus burnt hair really interesting, I smelt this and kinda of giggled and the guy kinda of gave me this look thinking I was some sort of Drunk hah!

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  1. I'm not that big on German wines so it was good to get anothers opinion.