Bloom - Wine Event for BC VQA wines

Bloom is the spring event put on every year by the VQA [Vintners Quality Alliance is Canada's symbol of quality wine] people of British Columbia.

So here are my notes comments or just dropping of names of wines I like with over 40 tables and each table pouring 4 wines. Lets just say I didn't taste everything, and the fact that I didn't like some I am only going to put on the list what I liked or wierd comments

Meyer Family (Naramata) All 100% Chardonnay Wines. Let me firstly say I have been finding that I don't like Chardonnays Unless they are in champagne or for some reason some burgundy's I have had. Maybe its the fact that they get to big and...only way I can put it is "Raisony" over ripe, and the Oak probably doesn't help for me haha.

So the Meyer Wine I have no idea if they are good or not I just don't like Chardonnay, I tried them the lady pouring asked what I thought I said Im sorry I just don't think I like Chardonnays.

8th Generation Vineyard.
Pinot Meunier Rose 2008. Fantastic I think the best Rose here at the event Taste like Strawberry Rhubarb Pie with the right balance of acidity.

Burrowing Owl
2006 Cab. Franc excellent
2007 Pinot Noir. Ok, not overly complex tho

Calona Vineyards
Sovereign Opal, I grape variety Apprently one I have never heard of when I was smelling it as the person pouring was explaining I thought it smelled like a Muscat with its Floral/Sugariness. Tho the taste was Sweet and Watery...Winemaking? or thats what we have never heard of the grape har!

Desert Hills Estate Winery
Gamay Noir. There best wine and probably one of the best Gamays coming out of BC
Gewurztraminer. Taste of Burnt Orange Peel (Good thing)

Gray Monk Odyssey Merlot 2004 Taste of Red fruit lots of acidity, would like to have tried this decanted, might of appelled to me more.

Hester Creek Trebbiano had aromas of Cheese

Jackson Triggs Sunrock Shiraz 2006. This wine the vintage prior won a bunch of awards and I could not find it to try it, so at the tasting they had their next vintage and I was not impressed.

Mission Hill
Reserver Riesling 2007, Surprisingly Good

Mt. Boucherie Estate Gewurztraminer 2007 really good hint of sweetness

Poplar Grove Legacy 2005
I had this at the naramata bench Tasting, and this was showing way better here, mainly because it was decanted for 1.5hrs it was fuller not lean and acidity drnikable yes, and a big boy.

Sumac Ridge Sparkling Pinnacle 2002 [100% Pinot Noir] Earthy, little fruit, tasted like an old world pinot noir except in bubbly form

Tantalus, Now last year I tried to find the old vines 2006 for the wine restaurant winelist and it was sold out and that stuff was amazing.
The Riesling 2008 was good, lots of acidity just nice
Old Vines 2007 not as acidic, alot fuller wine, I perfer the 2008 to it, and the 06 Old vines.

That is all.


  1. Burrowing Owl Cab Franc caught my eye. Was it really good?

  2. yeah it was nice tho I think the Hester Creek Reserve Cab Franc is better, except that I didn't really take tasting notes just know from another event, it was being poured there did have a glass after 3hrs of drinking sooooo....