BC Cold Show 2009 - May 24

Cold Show - To make real looking food by using any method necessary to with stand 8hrs of "Show time". AKA making Fake Food.

Basic Idea, you make a menu design it use whatever you can and glaze it in gelatin to give it a shine, and be able to hold for 8hrs

Also I did not get to help this year. I did not take these photos its with my camera just any bad pictures you can't blame me!


  1. Very interesting...ofcourse the desserts were the most interesting.
    I like the ensemble that looked like a lady's legs sticking out of a little square thingy!
    Is that 'fake food' at the top of your blog also?

  2. yeah that is this years, the top is last year.

    mt favourite is the Rubic's Cube

    thats the link posted late hah

  3. Rubic's cube, was that the little checkered thing on it's edge?
    Checked out last years pics.
    Those little mushrooms look bizarre.
    Have to say, the little chocolate/blueberry dessert thing looked the best. Hey, can you guess my favourite course at dinner?