Blue Mountain Pinot Noir STRIPE LABEL 2006!

Blue Mountain Vineyards, Considered a Cult Winery of the Okanagan. They make a really mean NV Sparkling Love it. I just recently joined their mailing list, and they had a release for their vintage bubbly and it was sold out within 24hrs. You can not go wrong with that. So I decided from that point once the Pinot Noir Stripe label was released Im buying a case no matter what.

Why The Pinot Noir your asking and not their stripe Chardonnay or Pinot Gris? First of all the Stripe Label is there top label. Ok that being said I've heard a lot of good, and have tried their regular Pinot Noir and its good.

The Stats:
Blue Mountain Vineyard and Cellars Ltd.
Pinot Noir 2006 Reserve [Stripe Label]
13.5% Alc
Okanagan Falls, Okanagan
100% Pinot Noir [17-22 yr/old vines]
yielding 45-50 hl/ha [2.8ton/acre aprox~]
750 Cases Produced for Mailing List and Local Restaurants (Already Sold out on website)
11 Months Maloactic Fermentation In Oak (Doesn't say if new or old)
$38.50 (Mailing List) more like 40-50 at private store 70-90 restaurant

The Look:
Pale Red Colour, Looking like a pinot noir, and they say on their wine makers notes that it was on skin for 15-20 days.

The Nose:
On the Nose you definitely get that old world gamey/fungal action hint of raspberries. but more leaning towards the game/fungal action.

The Taste:
In the mouth smooth but not silky but smooth, The Acid is at a good level that you know will go with food, The first taste is of Dried Sour Cherries, that sweetness you get from dried fruits. The opens up into more fruit of regular cherries and less sour-cherry brand.

I was much pleased with this wine, I received the tasting notes first and was concerned about 11months in Oak without knowing if they were new or old. Definitely don't get any over oakiness. Not Overly Complex but coming from a young wine region this is definitely one of the best Pinots from Okanagan I have tried to date. I like this, and if your into supporting the Okanagan Wine Region this is one you need to find and try.

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