Fleur du Marquis

I was craving some Cheese, so I naturally I had to buy some, which by the way never turns into one piece, or type, but I did limit myself to two, so we are all good.

Its always nice to try new cheese, and 'ash' ripened cheese is something that does not crowd the cheese fridge at most places, I mean it says Ash kinda of weird.  And this Fleur du marquis, well it got what looks like twigs [rosemary] and blue, like its moldy [which It probably is] also has Juniper.  But this cheese so good, made with Sheeps Milk from Corsica, and I didn't realize Corsica was french who knew.  My only problem with this is that there is all this rosemary, dried loose rosemary, I personally don't like rosemary, and sure as hell don't like eating twigs, once scrapped off pretty good.

Smells so good with a hint of rosemary, rich. Taste, Creamy, mild pleasant rosemary taste but with a little aged notes not amonia yet but good, twigs of rosemarry kinda of sucks but hey its rustic french cheese pairs very nice with this Vin D'Pay D'Oc Viognier

I give this 90pts!

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  1. Napoleon was Corsican. I bet he loved cheese also :)