Hard Work!

Ok well not really, but yesterday was the big old IVSA tasting, and well its the biggest in the city with way to many wines to really taste, plus beer and hard liquor, which I try to avoid.  Now with the IVSA I never take notes anymore because its so big and not worth it...Until well I wanted to tell someone about a wine I tried from Hawkes Bay, a Chardonnay well Since I did not write any notes down, I have no idea what the wine is.

So in a sense I did not to my job properly, but the real hard work came with the massive tasting, plus the fact that after that was the WSET class, and man trying to concentrate on those 6wines after your palate has been distroyed by wines, is really hard work.

So in Conclusion I need to drink more, er taste more.

Oh btw Had a 2007 Sancerre that smelled and tasted of Dill Pickle Chips a Fantastic Hungaria Sparkler for 12.99 Canadian [aprox 5$USD], some Over Oaked Chardonnays from Napa. Really lovely entry level Italian Stuff.  A to finish the tasting off Forty Creek Canadian "Bourbon"/"Rye" more Bourbon-esque but really good

Have a good night~

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