California Wine Fair

Went to the California Wine Fair here in Vancouver, Canada lots of wines to drink from, Didn't taste them all some stood out, a lot were good, but nothing special, definitely some creamy chardonnays, had one chardonnay that almost tasted like a Chablis but I don't know the vineyard name it was beside the stag's leap stand but that doesn't help me hah. Pinot Noir were good, lots of acidity on most and nice balance mostly sonoma, some really nice Zins, all the Cabernet Sauv tasted the same Coffee/Cocoa, fruit big, Some were better then others like the Miners.


Domaine Chandon

Blanc de Noirs [Check]

Brut Classic [Check]

Rose, California [Check] Good fruitiness I really enjoyed this I went back at the end of the show to end off on this but they were all gone ah well


Bonny Doon [Both these stood out really interesting and good]

Albarino 2008

A: Lime "Candy" not over done candy tho hints

T: Lemon Lime Green Apple [Malic Acid I have Malic Acid Powder at work so it tasted like that]

Le Cigare Blanc [Best tasting note for Aroma of the day]

A: Ocean (Beach) Dried Shellfish, Shells, Oyster shells like when they sun dry on the sandy beach.

T: Can't remember forgot to right down hah the nose was to interesting.


Unfiltered Chardonnay, I liked


Roussane, old world stinkyness coming through, good nose / taste, The people around the booth tasting were more excited about this then I was.

There Chard was nice too


Dutton-Goldfield Winery A really nice show among all their reds. Both their Syrah and Zin were not your typical style and I liked them both, the lady from the winery was up here and she said you don't like the typical wines eh, yeah sounds like me Not liking what everyone else likes hah

Pinot Noir 2006

A: Fruit, Heat

T: Raspberry, Tingly

Cherry Ridge Syrah Definitely would buy

A: Game, Flower, Syrup Fruit (In A good way and I liked it at GV would say)

T: lighter then expected, very Northern Rhone, my style of Syrah no Pepper Bomb (Didn't taste like Aussie Syrah) nice acidity on it nice balance

Morelli Lane Zin

A: Good nose

T: Good finish fruity not your typical Zin I liked it.

Gary Farrell

Pinot Noir 2006

A: Old World Nose (Barnyard / Game / Poop Combo Kinda)

T: Lots of Fruity and Acidity Blackberry Black Cherry very Balanced also very nice

Justin Vineyard

All Wines were good the Syrah my notes have Cherry with a hint of Greenness I think it was a vegetable or a herb but couldn't nail it down

Miner Family Vineyard

Probably the Best of the Cab Sauv I tasted at the show then again they were 100 and 120$ bottle prices (Remember Canadian BCLD mark up 117%)

Cab 2006

The Oracle 2005, The Big Boy Wine

Patz & Hall Wine Co.

Jenkins Ranch Pinot Noir 2007

A: B-O (yes body odor hah)

T: Nice Fruit, Acid really nice Balance.

Stags' Leap Winery (Not Stag's Leap)

Petit Syrah 2005 One of my Favorite of the Show.

A: Interesting Nose, Could not nail down the aromas.

T: Coffee, Sugar (Not over done)

Truchard (Red)

Pinot Noir 2005

A: Stinky Dirt

T: Creamy, Fruit, Acid Nice Balance hint of Bitterness

Cab Sauv 2005

Coffee Grounds, Big Tannins, Really smooth

Best of Show

Bonny Doon Albarino

The Chablis Tasting Chard If I remember what it was

Stags' Leap Petit Syrah

Dutton-Goldfield Winery Cherry Ridge Syrah


  1. Good stuff.
    That's always a good show and I enjoyed it again this year.

  2. Was my first California Tasting, which is good because I haven't drank a lot of California wines in general. I really enjoy the sonoma coast area