Rhone Gang Tasting Part 2 (Red)

Part 2

Went to a Rhone Gang tasting event put on by Free House Wine and Spirits here in Vancouver, and tried a lot of Rhone Wines, lots of Viognier, Grenache, Syrahs. The wine makers were here as well pouring and talking about their wine which is really cool, If you ever get a chance to get to a tasting or event and the wine maker is there definitely go its worth it and its super fun.

Rodolphe de Pins of Chateau de Montfaucon
Louis Barruol of Chateau de St Cosme
Frederic Chaudiere of Chateau Pesquie

Rhone Reds defintitly have a Distictive Rhone Character, how to explain that I have no idea I am not that experienced. Yet.

Lets Start with Chateau Montfaucon

2006 'Comtesse Madeleine' Cotes du Rhone Rouge: A Young wine needs more time in the bottle to just settle down a TON of acidity bouncing in there like an energetic child.

1998 Cotes du Rhone: This is like Smooth Strawberry Juice going down, with a touch of acidity not a lot left but just enough, this wine just shows that a bottom level wine can age and gets better everything just mellows and becomes Delicious

2005 'Baron Louis' Cotes du Rhone: Violet Colour Taste of red fruit with acidity on the palate still a baby not as Energtic as the Comtesse Madeleine

2000 'Baron Louis': Aroma of Nutty Sherry very pleasant, with Cherry Juice, very Smooth very nice Very Delicious

2007 Monsineur Le Baron: Before I get into the notes this wine is made "Old Skool" way of basically just taking all the grapes in the vineyard (whatever variety they maybe) Putting them in a fermenting vat, and letting to their thing together with natural yeast. This wine has 15 Varietals Rhone, Including Viognier, Oban, Tempranillo[30year old vines in Rhone Madness I know]. Violet in Colour not Super Dark remember there is white wine in here maybe 5-10%. On the nose you do pick up the Syrah, the Cinnamon Bun nose I like to call it has that sweetness, and on the mouth its gentle and nice I mean its a 2007 and drinking very nicely.

Chateau Pesquie

2006 'Les Terrasses' Rouge: 70% Grenache 30% Syrah Taste of Apples and Very Dry Its wierd its a red wine and tsate like apples but Hey I calls them how I tastes them

2005 'La Quintessesce' Rouge: 80% Syrah 20% Grenache Dryer then the Les Terrasses and Bigger fills the mouth very nicely you can almost feel the difference that the ration of More syrah does but its not Syrah as a typical Warm Rhone, these are grown in southern Rhone but on a Mountain I think he said Elevation was 500ft atleast.

2006 'Artemia' Rouge: 50% 80year old Grenache, 50% 50year old Syrah. Aroma of Petrol [Nail Polish Variety] very mild tho] and this was with it not be decanted when I had it decanted it was different but I was basically drinking this becuase I felt this was the best wine here and was drinking and not taking notes. Taste of Red Fruit, Cherry Acidtiy very High, thought this should go with food very well, went and grabbed some blue cheese, creamy brie like cheese and both went extremly well.

Chateau Saint Cosme:

2007 Cotes du Rhone Rouge: 100% Syrah Aroma of Game and Grill Brick [A grill brick is what you use to clean your flattop in a restaurant it has a distictive smell almsot like a smelly beach]

2007 Gigondas: Taste of red fruit sweet and ripe, good acidity

2006 Gigondas Valbelle: 90% Grenache (sorry no notes)

2007 Gigondas Les Claux: 100% Grenache Taste of Sweet Black Tea was pleasant for sure

2006 Saint Joseph: Aroma of grill brick[see above] and strawberry taste of Fruit, nice Tannin Structure but almost smooth

2005 Chateauneuf-de-Pape: 50% Mourvedre Dry Tannins not a lot of fruit on the palate IMO this is a baby and should decant for along time or come back in a couple of years defintily high quality wine tho

2007 Cote Rotie: Aroma of Coffee[hint] syrup, green olives! Taste of Red Currant, red berries very red in the flavour profile in a good way a niec tartness with low aciity

The Rhone Gang

2007 Hold Up: 70% Pinot Noir 30% Grenache Taste and Aroma of Cherry on top of Cherry very approahable for everyone smooth and a hint of creamyness from the oak

2005 Wanted: Aroma is Rhone Typical, Taste of Sweet Cherry

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