Zinfandel oh a wine with so much sugary syrupy goodness that it just doesn't seem right yet you just want to drink it down. Like Eating Dessert before dinner.

Zinfandel Barefoot Vineyard, there is no date on the bottle I assume its a blend of vintages friend had a magnum (cuz it was cheap 14$ for it Canadian) He had it opened for 5 days on his counter and the wine was still good, Must of been all the sugar in it preserving it like a Port or Sherry hah.

Colour: Had the Colour of a Dark Dark Purple Juice / Syrup
Aroma: Didn't pick up anything! I dont think my nose was working this day as the other Zin had nothing either.

Taste: Pure Blackberry Syrup! I mean I was looking for a wine that tasted like blackberry's I read all these notes about so and so having it. I know what blackberrys taste like I grew up picking them with my mom. This was like SUPER SUPER ripe blackberry then turned into a Syrup you would find at Ihop except not fake hah. very sugary.

14% Alc I think
From Lodi California

Butterfly Ridge Zin. 2005 [From my wine club cellar]

Colour: Completly different then the other had a hue of red instead of purple and way lighter in Colour
Aroma: Sweetness, Heat
Taste: Red Fruit, thick, from the look you wouldn't think it was that thick. The Red fruit was good type of tart but sweet can't remember the rest I took note too sheesh
Alc 13.8%
Amador County


  1. Sugary? Was it a Zinfandel port?

  2. nope but It could of passed for one hah

  3. I LOVE zinfandels, especially with my home made, 5 alarm, chili con carne...peppers and high alc...feel the burn :)