Double Champagne Night

So one of my cooks at work entered this competition contest for the Provence, I told him if he won I would buy him a magnum of champagne. He Won I bought him a bottle of Alain Vesselle Cuvee St Eloi Brut A Bouzy - Grand Cru and then he said if he won he would buy a bottle of Dom Perignon, he ended up buy the 1995 Dom off our Wine list at work.

So To start we had the Alain Vesselle Cuvee St Eloi Brut A Bouzy - Grand Cru, has that Atypical Champagne nose of Cream Cheese Tartness, that Yeastiness. then the Taste was Green Apple (Malic Acid) Tartness lots and lots of acidity definitely not sweet. The Manager at the wine store I bought it said it was a light champagne and easy food pairing and one to start the night with, definitely was that tons of acidity.

1995 Dom Perignon (55% Chard, 45% Pinot Noir)
Aroma of a Nutty, Nutty Oil very strong, yeasty champagne atypical I pick up but this Nuttiness was so uniqiue and different kinda of cool
Taste of Pure Fruit, but so Balance so Light yet not boring we had a bottle (750ml) between like 9 people.

Champagne is Just so Cool.

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  1. I love bubbly. The Widow does it every time for me. Never been a fan of Dom though, it just seems so inconsequential. Bollinger RD my next fave...just in case you cared :)