Rhone Gang Tasting Part 1 (Whites)

Went to a Rhone Gang tasting event put on by Free House Wine and Spirits here in Vancouver, and tried a lot of Rhone Wines, lots of Viognier, Grenache, Syrahs. The wine makers were here as well pouring and talking about their wine which is really cool, If you ever get a chance to get to a tasting or event and the wine maker is there definitely go its worth it and its super fun.

Rodolphe de Pins of Chateau de Montfaucon
Louis Barruol of Chateau de St Cosme
Frederic Chaudiere of Chateau Pesquie

Viognier one of my favourite wine variety if not my favourite, its so floral, and perfumie with hints of acidity and apples all the good stuff, has a slightly oily texture, the grape skins are very bitter and can make a Viognier bad if the juice isn't extracted from the grapes fast enough. Also the perfume aspect can be overwhelming for some people.

Chateau Montfaucon Viognier 2007, its funny I tried this when it was on ice and to be it was boring nothing there, then at the end of the show I was talking to the winemakers decided to have another go this time not as chilled warmed it up a bit and it really opened up, Floral, Perfume but Not over the top crazy a nice balance, and the taste like how a Viognier should be (sorry thats what my notes say hah).

His 2007 Marsanne now I haven't tried a lot of Marsanne so it is new to me, I can say this one had some of the chartaristics of a Viognier but toned down, if not even more balance very nice.

Chateau Pesquie 2007 Viognier Has a nose of Light Flowers and the taste of Light Apple Juice very refreshing was served I little to cold for my taste.

There other line they make is La Paradou 2008(There most southern Rhone Vineyard, border of Provence) and you can taste the warmth of Provence The temp range from day to night here is 10C where at their Pesquie vineyard it is 15C and you can taste the difference. I really enjoyed the La Paradou for 16$ Canadian its a steal really.

The Rose (Decided to add this to white section)
Chateau Pesquie "Les Terrasses" Rose Aroma of Game T: Mild light it is made up of 50% Cinsault 50% Syrah(aprox) I perfer my Rose to have more of that Grapefruit taste like Joie Farms.

Chateau Saint Cosme Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2007 this wine was also on ice to long and at the end of the show there were to many people around the table to get another taste of this Blanc, only notes I have are aroma of Green Apple Juice.

Over I like Viognier and The Southern Rhone style is very nice some had so much of that perfume nose you could taste it at the back of your throat

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