2006 Blue Mountain Pinot Noir Stripe Label - Review

Bottle 2 out of 12, Decided to open this with dinner as my wine fridge is getting low on wines and for dinner there was some Chicken, Fresh Made Pesto (Garlic, Basil were from the farmers market mmmm and didn't have any nuts so I had to grab some of the harder nuts from the Costco Mixed Nut Container Sitting in the Cupboard) Roasted Potatoes (also from the farmers market, water levels were high). Pinot Noir would make a good match and I wanted to take some notes and see how it is doing.

And it is doing just fine, tasty, good acidity,

The Stats:
Blue Mountain Vineyards
2006 Pinot Noir Stripe Label [aka Reserve]
13.5% Alc
Okanagan Falls, BC, Canada

The Eye:
Colour is Purple Red, A Dark Pinot Noir, but can still see your fingers

The Nose:
Day1: Fruit + Rubber
Day2: Eathy, Sweet Cherry hint of Smoke

The Mouth:
Day1: Good fruit coming through on the red fruit side, little spice, really nice acidity, some tannins there, light body definitly a food wine, the fruit popped out even more with the Pesto
Day2: Earthy, Bright Acidity, Medium Body a Bitter Cranberry Skin action little aeration in the mouth brings out some sweetness very nice

Score: 90 A really well made wine, and that acidity just makes it so nice with food. Some people might be bother by acidity but hey this is a Cool Climate Pinot Noir its what ya get. Tasty tho

THE 100-POINT RATING SCALE (Robert Parker of the Wine Advocate describes this in more detail.)
• Extraordinary (96-100 points)
• Outstanding (90-95)
• Very Good to Excellent (85-89)
• Good (80-84)
• Average (75-79)
• Below average (70-74)
• Avoid (50-70)

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