Salt Spring Island 2009

Back from Salt Spring Island. Take the Ferry over, which is stops at 3 other islands first. (Mayne, Pender, Galiano) then Salt Spring the biggest population and size too I think.

Went to Visit my brother who is staying at his fiances dad house that he is remodeling. So Free Rent with a Hot Tub and a View of the Ocean.

Brought over 6 wines to drink and take some notes and relax, visited David Woods Salt Spring Island Cheese Farm/Factory (Awesome Goat Cheese) Bought some local Lamb, and some Fresh Baked bread all in all all right. Couple Raining Cloudy days couple Sunny days

Ok here are the photos, random didn't really delte doubles so there are 250 or so

Here is the link if you want to skim through them the fast way hah


  1. The lab is fab!
    Four days and six that all? Well, I suppose you can be forgiven for wanting to stay sober with such a beautiful vista at your disposal!

  2. hah yeah that and I had to drive when I did go out, and it was my brothers truck soooooo...but it was wierd tho when I got home going yeah I didn't really drink that much pfft. except for the last day with breakfast and 3/4 of a bottle of vino but that was too late