SaltSpring Island Vacation Wines (6)

So I went down to my local wine store [Liberity Wine Merchants, Granville Island] Always so helpful, it must help being in a tourist location so that's great. I mean I know enough about wine but I don't know what each individual wine taste like and that's why you need to ask these people what they have tasted and if its any good, and if so is it worth the money 5$ to 100+$

I wanted wines that I generally don't drink, and one expensive one that I would assume I would like [we will get to that later on]. I wanted a Loire Sauv [check] a sparkling [no-check] why no sparkling didn't really want to buy a bottle of champage shrug. Another white was thinking a Viognier Condrieu [check Viognier, no-check Condrieu]. Italian, I don' drink Italian, have been turned off by Sangioveses [check Nebbilio, Check Chianti] And I wanted a Bandol! [check] Because It was summer - Vacation - warm - water front property - just like Provence minus all the people? Then I had some Coronas too but eh that beer is too sweet for me, I prefer Kronenberg 1664

2007 Domaine des Corbillières Touraine Blanc
This was such a nice surprise for me, I went to a NZ wine tasting and really was turned off by all the Green Pepper [under ripe IMO]. This had a touch of that but with a touch of sweetness, lots of fruit just fantastic, the nose translated to the palate which was really good. Ripe Roaring Acidity which I love, which is why on Cellartracker I gave it 92Pts.

2008 Marichel Vineyards Viognier
A Viognier Trying to be a Sauvignon Blanc? As weird as it sounds it was maybe the fact that the fruit was very Sauvignon Blanc with good acidity (with no Greenness). Had Aromas of Zestyness with some Candied Orange Peel Day 2. Floral Notes were more pronounced becoming more Viognier but still not there. Tasting it It got my thinking is this a Viognier or a Sauvignon Blanc. Lots of really good acidity pure fruit can start to taste the alc at room temp. This wine is good but I wanted a Pure Viognier! this would be really amazing to I think someone who liked a Sauvignon Blanc but didn't like those under ripe greenness that usually it comes with. I gave this a 90pts

2004 Mauro Veglio Langhe Nebbiolo
Nebbiolo I have had a Barberesco, which I thoroughly enjoyed and so this was better then that one. At First it hits you with all those Tannins that you are going to get, some fruit. I stopped after that glass, and moved to the Bandol and had a glass of that then came to this again, and now the wine was tasting better maybe because of the fruit of the Bandol made it more palatable? I would of liked to decant this a lot longer tho. I have gave this a 90pts I would definitely like to try it again

2004 Castello di Bossi Chianti Classico
This was very nice but not my style because of the spiced Plums, its not a smell I generally like myself but it was good in that sense. Aromas of Stewed Spiced Plums Taste not stewed, initial attack was bubble gum then opened up into good dark cherry touch of spice good acidity. I gave this a 88pts

2004 Bunan Bandol Moulin des Costes
Ah Bandol the Warm Climate wine, the Original Fruit Bomb? This was Pure Fantastic Fruit, not over the top but controlled, it was fruit it was real. Just big dark Jammy (but not over cooked jammy) Really Yummy. This wine I could drink all the time just for shear pleasure I mean, want to open a wine for yourself and for someone who doesn't drink wine you both will like this. Maybe even two bottles! I gave this 91pts

2005 Domaine du Coulet (Matthieu Barret) Cornas Brisse Caillou
This was suppose to be my piece de resistance, the most expensive a North Rhone Syrah! I love Northern Rhone Syrah because of the cooler climate Syrah, then after I drank it I read that Cornas is the warmest of the northern, or something like that! Now I know pfft. I think this would of tasted better if Let it sit for 10years but nope I didn't. Day 1. Aromas of Sugar Fruit, over the top crazy not pleasant to me. Day 2. Got more interesting Of Moroccan Dried Olives like really shriveled salty olives with little splash of Cherry Juice over it (Real Juice not that Sugary stuff from earlier). but the olives were in your face. Tasting wise they both followed the same path. I had a beautiful lamb dinner made from Salt Spring Island Lamb and everything it failed to live up to the expectation ah well. 88pts I gave it 89 on cellartracker I just down graded it. Tho maybe in 10years this vintage will be good.

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  1. I have learned that Nebbiolo has to be eaten with Italian food, it's just not a quaffing wine.