November '08 Wine Recap

From Left to Right

GMH Meritage / 2004 / Limestone Coast / Geoff Hardy
Lots of Oak on the nose getting the liquorish, anise coming through which I don't like, the wine it self is nice but still alot of oak coming through over all not my favourite do have a couple left in the cellar.

Mas de Beaulieu Syrah / 2007 / Vin de Pays
Nice drink would defiantly drink again, not alot of pepper notes which I dont generally like in Syrahs. Thumbs up for me

Chianti Colli Senesi / 2006 / Chianti Tuscany
Didn't like this I have one bottle left in my cellar going to have to find a way to unload it the major problem was the next day the sulfites hit my chest and to me that means lots of sulfites which makes my next day a bad day and the flavour was mild and boring with food it did "alright".

Poplar Grove Merlot / 2004 / Okanagan BC
Read Review here big nose I have 2005 will try that soon to see how it is.

Chateau Beau-Site [70%~ Cab Sauv]/ 2005 / Bordeaux
A 2005 Bordeaux! read review here

Moulin-A-Vent [Gamay] / 2006 / Beaujolais
Its a Beaujolais yes, I drank it while watching Hellboy 2 because I wanted a easy drinking layed back wine. It did the drink it is what it is a Beaujolais. Tasty yes but nothing to write home about, nice fruit on it that and the movie distracted me hah which btw was a good movie I like Del Toro.

Tua Tua Bay Sauv Blanc / 2007 / Marlborough /
Your Typical New Zealand Sauv Blanc grassiness included tasty delicious when in need of a NZ Sauv Blanc would pick this yes sir.

Poplar Grove Chardonnay / 2007 / Okanagan BC
Read Review here

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